Your house's facade is the first thing you see when you come home every day. It also sets the first impression for your guests or potential buyers, so naturally, you want it to exude welcoming vibes. If your home’s exterior finish has become dull with time, it's probably due to the constant exposure to the elements. After a certain period, your home’s exterior will need a new coat of paint to keep it looking fresh, vibrant, and inviting. If you’re not sure how to tell whether your home needs to be repainted, here are 4 warning signs that you should look out for.


1- Chipping or Peeling Paint


Chipping, peeling, flaking, or cracking of the paint are the first signs that indicate natural elements have worn down your home's exterior paint. Flaked paint leaves the underlying material exposed, which could lead to the growth of mildew, mold, and dry rot, especially during the colder months. If left unaddressed, chipped paint can result in more serious problems, as mold and mildew can find their way into your home, causing you and your family several health issues.


2- Cracked Caulk


Over time, the caulk protecting your home’s exterior loses its resiliency and starts to crack. Cracks in caulking— commonly found near doors, windows, and siding— indicate that there’s a sealing problem with your house. Water, bugs, heat, and cold can seep into your home through these cracks. If you notice any large gaps, you’ll need to apply a new coat of paint after filling them to help protect your home. If you live in Florida, or anywhere where the summers tend to be hot and humid, you’ll want to hire professional painters who can choose the right caulk and paint that can withstand extreme weather. The paint quality in addition to how well the house was painted could mean the difference between having to repaint in 5 years or 10, so it's best to hire a specialized contractor for a better paint job that lasts longer.


3- Gaps in Wood


Finding gaps between the wooden boards on the outside of your house is definitely not a good sign. Those gaps could indicate that moisture is seeping into the wood, causing it to shrink, which, in turn, will make way for mildew, mold, and dry rot to grow. Paint protects the wood from moisture, so if you spot any gaps or shrinkage, you need to do some repairs and apply a fresh coat of paint to make sure everything is properly sealed against the weather.


4- Faded Paint


With the sun beating down on your home all day long, your paint is bound to fade. If your house is under direct sunlight with nothing to shade it from the sun, or if it’s painted a dark color, then the paint will fade rather quickly. Faded paint could also indicate another exposed area of your home, so consider it an early warning sign that you need to repaint your exterior.


We often underestimate the power of paint, but a new coat of paint can truly bring a house back to life and boost its curb appeal. Keep an eye out for these 4 signs to ensure that your facade is always in good shape. To extend the life of your paint finish, and make sure your home looks fresh and vibrant for as long as possible, look for a professional contractor who can choose the best quality materials and take care of the job for you.

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