What is the key to a successful like? Or the key to a happy life? Is it more money? Is it having your friends and family around you? Or not having your family around? Is it travel? Is it getting a good night’s sleep?


It is getting a good night’s sleep.




No matter what anyone claims, a good sleep really is the key to all the happiness in the world. If you can sleep well, it does not matter your situation in life or your station; you will have less stress, better health, and more happiness.


How do you improve your sleep quality?

There are many things which you can do to get the best sleep possible. The main thing which we need to look at is your comfort. This is split into many areas. The area to examine first, is your sleeping position, anymore specifically, the pressure on your body.


A bad mattress can put a lot of pressure on your body. If you suffer from any joint pain or back pain, then you may have already soured a mattress to help with this. If you have not yet suffered from pain, then it may be coming. Traditional mattresses put a lot of pressure on our joints. This can cause joint pain, but will also cause us to move more through the night and have a more disturbed sleep.


If your spine is not in the correct position, then you are going to be sleeping the entire night with your bones unaligned. This may not give you short-term problems, but it will contribute to long-term problems. If you can find a mattress, like the ones at topmattress.com,  which will not put pressure on your joints, cradle you in a comfortable position, and align your spine, then you will be protecting your body from harm.




The temperature of your room and bed will also affect your sleep. If you are one degree too hot or too cold, then you will not sleep deeply, and you will not get the rest you need. You should also make sure to not have too much light in your room too.

If you eat well through the day, you will sleep better. Exercising will make you tired enough to sleep. Try not to use a screen in the hour before you sleep. Studies have shown that screen time can stop you from getting to sleep quickly.


A new mattress can help


Foam mattresses, like the one from Lull, can help you to get a better sleep. The three layers of memory foam are great or cradling your body, and ensuring that the pressure on your body is distributed entirely. Your spine also benefits from being aligned as you sleep. Your spine can be out of position for up to 8 hours, and this mattress will ensure that that does not happen.


The memory foam in the Lull mattress is breathable. Air can flow through the mattress without heat or cold being trapped. With a constant flow, the mattress does not get too hot or too cold.




If you are finding that you are not getting a good night’s sleep, then a new mattress is probably the way to go. Conventional spring mattresses are on their way out. The springs put a lot of pressure on your body. A foam mattress will help you to sleep in a better position, which can only benefit your health and well being. New foam mattresses, such as Lull, usually offer a 100-night money-back guarantee and a 10-year warranty. This could be the best investment you have ever made, and the happiest you have ever been.

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