Leisure travel is romantic, passionate, adventurous and positively unpredictable. It’s also short. You’ll spend a couple of weeks at the most before you head back home to familiar surroundings. Moving abroad, on the other hand, may have some similarities to leisure travel but is largely a different kettle of fish.

Moving can be fun but it’s certainly more challenging than leisure travel. The following are some of the key differences between the two.

1. You Forfeit More

Travel is temporary so has little to no impact on your existing relationships. When you move abroad though, you are taking a long-term break from the family, friends, work colleagues and neighbors you had grown accustomed to. Technology has made it easier to stay in touch with people halfway round the world. Still, it cannot replace the physical presence of someone you care about.

You’ll miss the birthday parties, sports days and sometimes the holiday season may find you occupied with work. The absence of close contact will see some of your closest friendships grow lukewarm. On the positive side, it is an opportunity to build new long-lasting connections in a different country. Three Movers, a popular international moving company can help you with all the moving needs you have.

2. You Are Tied Down by School or Work

Unless you are a member of the 1 percent and can afford to party all day for months on end without worrying about running out of cash, you are most probably moving to a different country due to work or school.

Unlike leisure travel where you spend each day thinking about all the fun things you can do, moving abroad comes with a more rigid and far less spontaneous routine. Your days will be occupied with work or school. It’s only during the weekend that you’ll have the opportunity to let your hair down.

3. You Have More Time to Explore

Leisure travel is about having as much fun as you can on a daily basis. It’s because you know you only have a short time before you get back to a less exciting daily regimen. This is where moving abroad has a distinct advantage. You don’t have to choose from a short list of things to do or places to go within the very limited at your disposal.

Take your time, develop a list of all the fun things to do and then slot a new place or event for every weekend you are free. Don’t forget to obtain useful tips from locals since they know their area best. When you move abroad, you have enough time to sample all the key sights and sounds of your new home.

4. You Grow Accustomed to Solitude

Leisure travel is very short-term but also something you can do with your friends. Moving is more personal. Being thrust into a new area means starting to build new friendships; people you can hang out with after work or can accompany you during your weekend adventures. Despite your best efforts at making friends though, you are likely to spend more time alone than you are used to.

Your new pals won’t always be available when you need them. And because you aren’t as familiar with each other as you are with your friends back home, you’ll be reluctant to insist on a meeting. Being alone longer than you are used to isn’t necessarily a bad thing though.

These could be the moments when you reflect on your future plans or discover a hobby. The absence of your support system will also make you more self-dependent and self-driven.

There are additional dynamics that accompany moving such as deeper research on local resources (e.g. establishing the availability of moving companies such as, the need to learn a new language, and getting immersed in a different culture.

Overall, moving is more expensive and makes you more vulnerable. But if you can embrace the challenges, it can be far more enjoyable than leisure travel.

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