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Most parents have multiple bins and boxes stuffed full of their children’s drawings, school projects, awards, and trophies. For those with teens or young adult children, these memorabilia items can take up a lot of room. While parents want to hang on to these important items and memories, keeping them organized can be a challenge.


If you want to convert your grown child’s room into something just for you, like a crafting room or a den, you may be left wondering what you will do with their special items and awards. You may want to honor their achievements but aren’t sure how to manage the bulk of their memorabilia items.


There is no need to throw away any essential memorabilia items. You may want to display larger items like trophies and Letterman jackets with varsity letters. Trophies and Letterman jackets affixed with custom made varsity patches are valuable memorabilia that should be preserved, especially if your child has been awarded these by their school or college for achievements in sports and academics. Let’s take a closer look at a few ways to organize your child’s memorabilia.


Decide What to Keep


Parents tend to keep every little thing that their child has put on the fridge over the years, along with awards and school projects. While you may want to keep everything you have ever been given, it’s essential to sort through your memorabilia and decide what items are special enough to keep. One day, you will be able to pass on these items for your children to share with their own families, so each item you keep should have meaning and contain a special memory. Follow these rules when you are sorting through your child’s memorabilia items:


  • Keep all original artwork, including school projects
  • Ditch regular school worksheets unless they were a particular accomplishment
  • Keep all ribbons, patches, award certificates, and trophies
  • Keep important photos of life events. However, you don’t need 30 photos of the same event; choose one that captures the moment.


Storage Bins


It’s essential to keep your child’s memorabilia safe and secure, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to be scattered all over your home. If you want to get more organized, you can find affordable plastic bins at stores like Walmart. These see-through bins will keep your child’s special items safe, dry, and secure for many years. These bins are easily stackable in your storage area and can be quickly labeled with the contents for easy reference. You can get different colored lids for each one of your children to make sorting easy.


Memory Corner


If your child has many awards, sports trophies, and other important memorabilia of which the whole family is proud, you may want to create a memory corner. Choose a small space in your home that is out of the way, and use it to display unique memorabilia items. You can install a few shelves to help you display trophies, photos, and other special items. This is a great place to hang photos, a letterman jacket, and other special items.


Digital Storage


Thanks to modern technology, it’s possible to digitize many of your child’s favorite memories to be kept forever. You can now scan all of your child’s favorite photos, certificates, and awards onto your computer or a storage unit to be kept safe forever. 


If you are looking for a way to honor your child’s memories and achievements, follow these tips to help you organize their memorabilia to be enjoyed for a lifetime.


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