It’s that time of year again, when thousands of parents across the United States bid a temporary farewell to their children as they get ready to move out for college – some for the first time. The occasion can be an emotional one for both parents and young adults, and may serve as the first months-long stretch of separation for mom, dad and the college-bound kid.

But as you probably already know, this part of life’s journey is a great time for college students to begin exploring their independence, and for parents to begin weaning themselves away from the day-to-day concerns of childrearing. While the kid’s away at college immersing themselves in their education, don’t let the empty nest phenomenon get you down. Use the opportunity to turn your college student’s bedroom into a personal home oasis. Here are 4 ways you can re-appropriate that new spare room you have.

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1. Arts & Crafts Studio
Have you ever dreamed of having your own space for painting, drawing, scrapbooking or any number of other arts and crafts projects? It might be that you’ve set aside your inner Van Gogh or Martha Stewart while getting your child prepared for university life. Now is a great time to break out the sewing machine, dust off your paintbrushes, and turn your son or daughter’s bedroom into a place that inspires creativity. In as little as a weekend you could begin swapping out those items you’ve had in storage with your child’s bed and dresser. And when they come back home after the school year, making the quick change over from art studio to kid’s bedroom is simple.
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2. Man Cave or Expanded Closet/Dressing Room
Beyond the garage or tool shed, dads usually need a place inside the home for unwinding, while moms may yearn for increased closet space. The same is often true for moms, who may yearn for a private retreat that helps in preparing for the workday or provides a place for a little rest and relaxation. Whether you’re turning your college student’s bedroom into a macho man cave or bringing out your old vanity to create your own personal dressing room, making the transition is probably easier than you imagine, and gives you an area (even temporarily) to call your own.
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3. Guest Room & Reading Area
One of the benefits of having an extra room while your son or daughter is away at college is opening up the space for visiting family members, who in the past may have been put on the couch or at a nearby hotel. By re-envisioning and redecorating your child’s bedroom, you can create a place at home for the in-laws or other immediate family members, and between visits give yourself a quiet place where you can become absorbed in a new novel or favorite magazine.
4. Fitness Room
If you’re like most people, you’ve probably had an elliptical machine or stationary bike safely tucked away in storage for the past couple of years. Since you’ve got a few months while your student is away attending college, take a day or two to exchange the bedroom set for your old weight set, and transform the space into a home gym. Nothing fights off the blues of your home becoming an empty nest faster, or better, than a good workout.
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