4 Ways You Can Spread Awareness for a Disease

Do you know someone battling an illness, disease, or disability? Maybe you are. Regardless, there are ways you can spread awareness for diseases and advocate for individuals who have them. Spreading awareness can bring this condition to the attention of many people and raise funds for research within the medical community. If you want to participate in this and become an advocate, consider stealing one of our ideas below to start spreading awareness about a disease or illness you’re passionate about.

Volunteer at Events

One person might have difficulty spreading awareness for a disease or illness, but there are plenty of organizations dedicated to this. Volunteering at a local event is the easiest way to get your foot in the door. For example, if your employer or community hosts an event for raising breast cancer awareness in October, volunteer! You can learn more about these illnesses at these events while spreading the word for a cure or treatment.

Start a Challenge

Do you remember back in 2014 when everyone on social media was participating in the “ice bucket challenge?” This was to raise awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS.) This brought ALS to our attention and boosted the fight against this illness tenfold. They are now closer than ever to making a breakthrough in the treatment and cure. You might have thought you were following a trend at the time, but it made a significant difference in the medical community. Who’s to say this won’t work for a disease or illness you’re bringing awareness to in your community?

Do Something Special on Awareness Days

There’s typically one day in the year that brings awareness to the specific disease or illness you’re advocating for. For instance, April 11th is world Parkinson’s awareness day. While you don’t need to raise awareness only on these specific days, it’s a great place to start. This also provides the perfect opportunity to wear the colors that symbolize the condition or illness. If you’re unfamiliar with awareness ribbon colors and their meaning, consider learning more about them to show awareness appropriately.

Share Your Story on Social Media

There’s a reason you’re bringing awareness to a specific illness, disease, or disability. Whether you know someone close to you who is battling this or you are, you most definitely have a story. Sharing it on social media can bring awareness to the people close to you. Telling your story is more relatable and compassionate, meaning more people will interact with the post and strengthen your cause.

Spreading awareness for a disease is a great way to support the medical research going into curing these illnesses. Whether you’re fighting for autism awareness or kidney disease, there’s always a cause worth fighting for. What illness or disease are you spreading awareness for? Use our suggestions to get the word out into the world!

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