Do you know that Nearly 1 in 5 American adults claim that their mental health is declining? Because of work and social pressures, you are unable to give yourself more time. 


Everybody likes to have fun and spend a stress-free time for maybe just a few hours a day, or just on the weekends. But unfortunately, due to modernization and the cut throat competition, we tend to stress out  often and that ultimately leads to mental health deterioration. 


Modern lifestyle might have given you comfort but it has snatched away the peace of mind and fun from our life. We all are running the rat race with no destination to go. 

When I say fun, we all adults associate fun with our childhood where we used to live life freely without any real pressure, stress, or worry about the competitions. Far away from reality, we lived concocting our own dreams, and fairytales. Eating candies, running without a care in this world or giggling on a swing, flying high.

Sounds like a beautiful memory, right?

Swings have always been associated with fun, happiness, play, and a lot of laughter. Traditional swings were larger in size and heavy platforms hanging on metal chains. Whereas, modern swings can be found in a variety of sizes and can enhance the beauty of your home. 

Here, we have the most fun and relaxing swings listed for your house.



  • Hammock: For Big Homes / Small House


This has to be on the top of the list.

Having a Hammock Swing or Hammock Chair at your home is a great way to relax. Nothing can give you extra coziness than indoor hammocks and hanging hammock chairs.

If you have a big house then you can try Hammock Swing and If you have smaller space then you can try Hammock Chair. It gives you a soothing experience. It’s like floating on a cloud, right there in the living room. After a tiring day, simply relax on this wondrous chair, read a book, watch a movie, play video games or just take a nap. You will fall in love with this experience, that’s for sure. 

And if you're worried about it’s installation, please don;t because installing Hammock swings or chairs, both are easier than you think.     



  • Bubble Swing: For Small House


If your house is not big, most people prefer to have a Bubble Swing. A bubble Swing is also called a bubble chair. The concept of bubble chair is Ball and chair. The basic design of the bubble chair is the chair attached to the ceiling with a metal chain.   


Bubble swing is most commonly found at homes across the globe. This product is made from the cane of plastic wicker, so it becomes easy to maintain and sturdy. Bubble Swing can be used indoor and outdoor as well. If you want to go further, you can decorate this with string lights and colored cushions.



  • Suspended Sofa-Cum Bed: For Indoors


If your living room is spacious then you should prefer a suspended Sofa-Cum bed for indoors. Give your room classical touch by adding this element. You can replace your bulky master sofa with this suspended sofa-cum bed that can be used for sitting and lying purposes.  

Most of these swings are made with wood or wrought iron and you can paint it with your desired color to have harmony with other types of furniture in the living room. For installation, you need some manpower. This swing can be suspended from the ceiling using metal-hooked chains. 

These swings have the capacity to hold the weight of two adults.    



  • Plastic Wicker Swing: For Outdoors


If you are living in coastal areas where humidity is high in the surroundings, then you should find a swing that is made of durable material. Such as plastic wicker, as it can withstand unfavorable weather conditions.        

Plastic wicker swing made of plastic wicker best suited for outdoor settings. If you have a front lawn then you can install this swing or if you are living in a flat with a balcony and ceiling then also you can install this swing. 

To make them stain resistant, these are mostly available in dark colors, such as grey, black and brown.




  • Homemade Swings: For indoors and outdoors as well


If you are an interior designer or self-proclaimed interior designer who likes to decorate, then you can show your creativity here. Homemade swings are for those who like to do things their way. 

To make a homemade swing, you just need some spare car tyres, paint, and jute ropes. You have to first paint the tyre and attach the rope to the tyre. Then find the place and hang it to the ceiling.  

If you want to hang it outside then you should hang it to a robust tree and if you are hanging it inside, then you should attach hooks into the ceiling.        


Wrapping Up: 

In this modern lifestyle, it is very hard to find fun, peace, happiness, and relaxation. Childhood days have always been golden days and those days have always been associated with swings.

Since swings are associated with childhood days, it's the best way to go back into the time. Once you sit on the swing, you literally forget everything and become a child again. Swings are the best way to release some stress and live your life thoroughly.

I strongly recommend everyone must have a swing in their home either outdoors or indoors.        






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