5 Beautiful Italian Coastal Areas You Need to Visit

Italy has always been a beautiful country that we see on television or on postcards, and to explore the country would be a dream. Beaches with breathtaking views are scattered around town, with architecture and fabulous seafood waiting for people to devour. It is the ideal holiday destination for many people and for good reasons only

Each coastal area of Italy gives off a great atmosphere from the rows of colored houses and cliffs, and it would make you feel like it's summer all year long! We have listed five gorgeous coastal areas you can visit and explore in Italy, check them out below.

1. Positano

Positano will serve you with the most picturesque view you can experience. The town itself is filled with incredible architecture that makes you want to take pictures of every second. While the town's look has a rustic vibe, there are nice resorts and restaurants in Positano, making it a tourist-friendly place. The beaches in Positano are just amazing, with the view of the blue ocean and the activities you can hop on. In addition, the beach offers sunbeds and umbrellas where you can relax and have a drink to enjoy the moment.

You can also purchase boat trips to explore the area and relax while overlooking the beautiful Positano. The area may be costly, but if you want a great experience, why not splurge once in a while? Celebrities also love coming here on holiday, so maybe an encounter may happen without you knowing it, which is always a fun story to tell everyone.

2. Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is the definition of a beautiful coastal town, and while the area is compact, it is vibrant and full of life, especially at night. It lies at the base of Monte Cerreto and is surrounded by cliffs, cascading houses, and buildings overlooking the water, making it a wonderful coastal scenery for you to enjoy. A Polaroid camera is perfect for this trip as you want to take instant shots and live in the moment.

If you want to try out Amalfi Coast's delicious food, you won't be disappointed as they serve you the finest seafood cuisine. To enjoy and explore the city, you can walk around town and have a cup of coffee or spend the day admiring the beautiful ocean view.

3. Cefalù, Sicily

When in Sicily, there is no doubt that every step we take is beauty at its finest, and it is hard not to look past Cefalù. The setting of the town is between cliffs and the coastal line, with old towns in the area. It is definitely the center of culture and history in Southern Italy, with one of the main attractions being a cathedral that has been here since the early days. The medieval-looking buildings have many stories to tell, making the trip more insightful for you. 

You can also find a beach covered in golden sand and beautiful waters with the houses and towns surrounding you. However, it can be hot during the day while you wander the area, so always make sure to dab on your best sunscreen, such as Cetaphil sunscreen, which is fragrance-free to help protect you from experiencing any sun damage. You can go for a swim or take a stroll like the locals do to relax and unwind and finish the day by having a great meal in one of their famous local restaurants.

4. Manarola, Liguria

Source: unsplash.com/ @rgaleriacom

There is a reason that Manarola is a perfect place to be in as it offers you colorful villages, calm aquamarine waters, and wonderful cliffs with stunning views. It is totally worth visiting to make your Italian summers come true to look back at the fantastic times you had and benefit from a fun vacation. You can start by strolling the alleys to get to know and admire the town while descending toward the beautiful sea. However, if you love adventure, you can hike the Blue Trail, which links the coastal villages together and truly deserves your time.

Cooling off in the summer is a must, and what better way than to dip into the water of the marina in Manarola? This is where you could sit down, read a good book and later head on to the famous hilltop viewpoint to witness the view of the sunset. But, of course, after a fun time in the waters, you cannot forget the food, as you can enjoy classic Italian dishes such as pasta, pizzas, focaccia bread and so much more in Manarola!

5. Portofino

In addition to being a popular vacation spot, Portofino is a charming village, home to several important works of cultural and artistic heritage. There are so many eye-catching views and locations that you would stop and admire, such as the tall and narrow, colorful houses, which was a tradition to paint their homes with color. Portofino is also considered a luxury travel destination where you can enjoy being on yachts and shop at designer stores where you can let out your inner fancy.

However, there are more activities you can do, such as visiting San Martino Church where you can find beautiful paintings inside. Another historical building you can explore is the Brown Castle, built in the 15th century and a famous tourist spot nowadays. The castle overlooks the view of the gulf – perfect for stunning pictures. Finally, after a long day of walking, you can go to the Piazzetta, the village's central square and the hub of neighborhood social life, and enjoy a sweet ice cream made in the local shops.  

With the number of wonderful coastal towns located in Italy, it is almost hard to find the perfect one. Nevertheless, wherever you go, you will be guaranteed fun and have the time you spent worthwhile. Therefore, you can research the coastal town of your dreams and be prepared to have a splendid time!

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