It's about time to say it – athleisure is the best trend right now. With its comfortability and versatile outlook, this style never ceases to amaze us. It's quite tricky to achieve yet comfortable and usable in many ways.


Athleisure is a combination of athlete and leisure or casual wear. With the right materials and cuts, you can always look good even when moving a lot. This is the best edge of a trend so far, compared to strict formal dress codes. But in the longer run, even corporate suits have replaced their fabrics with this new feature.


So, what are these athleisure items that you'll need? Let's find out.




Watches are essential accessories. They tell time, yes, but do you know that it lasts an impression? People will see you as someone disciplined and time conscious. In athleisure, watches are relevant. With being athletic in vibe, time is also one main thing to pursue.


Watches from the Happy Diamonds new collection are your best options with athleisure outfits. Their timeless designs would give that impression that you must have.


2.Premium Joggers


Breathability is always the priority when it comes to athleisure. The type of material that you should use is pure cotton or neoprene. With joggers as your daily go-to's, you'll be able to feel comfortable all day long.


Brands like Nike and Adidas give out most efforts when it comes to their products. Athleisure has become their priority ever since, with joggers suitable for any occasion. For semi-formal events, wearing joggers without cuffs will do the trick. Throw a pair of clean sneakers, and you're ready for any activity.


3.Fleece jackets


Like cotton and neoprene, fleece can also be used as an athleisure necessity. Fleece stores coolness in the body and make you breathe easier. Garments such as jackets are one of the most specialized items with this fabric.


With the fashion world adjusting with utility, it is always easy to find fleece jackets. Fast fashion companies also give out premium jackets for formal and casual styles. Pair these with your favorite shirt, some neoprene joggers, and runners.


4.High-performance casual shoes


With sneakers distinguished worldwide, it is never hard to find a pair that deals with the theme. Almost every pair released today are athleisure related, thus making every fit versatile.


High-end brands like Gucci and Balenciaga are your best bets when it comes to their athleisure shoes. But if you are saving big bucks, you can always go to Adidas or Nike, for instance. Modern takes like Yeezy, NMD's, and more can be seen in any style possible.


5.Durable Socks


With great outerwear comes great undergarment. You can't get all stylish outside and feel irritable inside. This is why shirts, underwear, and even socks should be prioritized.


Socks can be of any form, style, and fabric. But, if you are into athleisure, the best option is to wear the best socks available. Breathability, moist-locking, and durability are few features to begin in noticing. These will make you feel more comfortable in most cases, especially with this theme.


Still, fast fashion companies give out the best technologies when it comes to socks. Other innerwear can also be found in premium brands like Nike.




Investing in athleisure essentials is very important. It expands your wardrobe options, at the same time, gives you luxurious comfort. Athleisure can also be worn on any occasion – may it be on formal events or even when you want to stroll around.

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