When you have a deck or a backyard and you want to enjoy an afternoon with friends and family, nothing says luxury quite like an outdoor furniture set. However, in terms of luxurious, comfortable outdoor sets, nothing is quite as nice as teak.

Compared to other hardwoods, teak's grain is compressed. Wood grain can be described as tiny straws packed close together. For trees, this grain structure allows nutrients and water to be drawn up from the earth and into the heart of the tree where it is distributed to branches and leaves. In terms of processed wood, loose grain sucks up moisture and finish, causing warping and splotches, respectively.


When manufacturers finish teak, however, because its grain is so closely packed together, the result is a smooth, glossy, elegant appearance that only shows the beauty of the wood. There are typically never any splotches, and although teak is already resistant to moisture damage, the finish protects it even further. As such, this type of wood is probably the most effective, most beautiful wood for any outdoor furniture set.


When it comes to outdoor dining sets, teak is the only wood that balances beauty and functionality. This wood repels spills, and because of its dense grain, it also resists impact damage and scratches. If you are looking for teak dining set, the selection at Teak Outdoor Furniture Bali Republic Online is unmatched.


  1. Kuta Outdoor Setting S


This outdoor dining table set seats two adults comfortably and intimately. The table's diameter is 80 cm, making it perfect for a casual dining experience.


in terms of compactness, the chairs are designed to fold, so they can be stored when not in use. The table also folds, so if you need an impromptu seating arrangement, this set is ready for use in approximately five seconds.


In terms of durability, the table's solid-wood surface will repel stains, and the finish will resist being scratched by utensils or plates. The light finish of this plantation teak will complement any decor or home style.


  1. Uluwatu Teak Outdoor Bar Setting


This dining set uses a bar-stool-style seating arrangement that makes for a very fun, casual dining experience. At 105 cm high, the table itself, is somewhat taller than other tables, ensuring your family and friends can enjoy an outdoor meal at your own outdoor bar.


The table is long enough to comfortably seat four adults, making it perfect for weekend breakfasts or afternoon picnics. Although the base model is a study in comfort and elegance, cushions can be ordered extra. Regarding cushion color, you have the ability to choose from among seven different shades.


  1. Nusa Dua 6 Seat Outdoor Setting


Frankly, this outdoor dining set is so nice, it is difficult to determine if it is actually an indoor set someone moved outside. For instance, it is wider and longer than most outdoor tables, and it includes an offset centerpiece that can be used for decorations or hot-plate items.


The chairs are comprised of 304 stainless steel and a fabric guaranteed to deliver firm, comfortable seating. The style suits just about any accessory or lawn chair, so you can expand the set to create an entire ensemble of outdoor furniture.


In terms of appearance, the fabric can be ordered in the following colors.


– black

– white

– taupe

– yellow


  1. Tembok 8 Seat Outdoor Setting


Nothing says picnic more than a picnic table, and nothing says luxury picnic more than this eight-seat dining set. The table seats up to four adults, picnic style, along a hefty table that can accommodate all the plates, drinks, and serving dishes you can muster. Additionally, the benches are wide enough that if you need to get up and grab a drink from the fridge, you can do so without inconveniencing your neighbor.


Elegantly styled with long lines and thick surfaces, this set will serve as a tasteful centerpiece to any outdoor eating area. Additionally, when not in use, the benches can be tucked under the table for compact storage.


To ensure your purchase is protected, you receive a 60-month warranty for the wood. Cushions can be ordered, and they are protected for up to 36 months.


  1. Tembok 12 Chair Outdoor Setting


This massive dining set is perfect for family reunions, wedding receptions, and multi-family gatherings. For instance, it comfortably seats up to 12 adults, and each chair is spacious enough to provide solid support and generous leg room.


The dark finish offers a luxurious, conservative appearance guaranteed to match any decor. Although the all-wood set is comfortable on its own, you can also order cushions for the seats. The cushions offer an added layer of comfort, and you can choose between seven different colors.


Because of the table's quality, this set will be the centerpiece of outdoor dinners and gatherings for years to come.            

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