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If you are thinking about adding CBD oil to the list of supplements that you utilize when you are under the weather, you may be coming across a few misconceptions in your research. It is common to see misleading or downright false statements about CBD oil. We will attempt to clear up some of those misconceptions right now. Here are six common CBD oil myths that you may have read or heard about.
1. CBD is Not Good When it Comes From Certain Cannabis Plants
Even though some people suggest that the CBD you can buy at American Hemp Oil is not as good when it comes from specific cannabis plants, the suggestion is flat out untrue. There are differences in how CBD is extracted from hemp plants, and how much is gatherable. This depends a lot on the percentage of the CBD in the plant. But when that CBD has been extracted, it does not matter where it came from. Your body is not going to know whether it came from a plant with 5 or 50 percent CBD.
2. CBD Can Get You High
The first lesson anyone should know about CBD is that it is NOT marijuana. You are not going to have the same experience, even though it comes from the same cannabis plants. The reason is because CBD will have maybe 0.3 percent THC per dry weight. That is roughly 33 percent less than the weakest cannabis strain that you are going to see on the market for marijuana. You are not going to experience any of the euphoric or the mind altering impacts that are made on your body and brain by marijuana.
3. Only Adults Can Use CBD Oil
It is often said that you must be over a certain age if you want to use CBD oil safely. The misconception probably arises from people comparing CBD oil to marijuana. But as we have mentioned, the two have a different impact on the body. There is nothing that suggests CBD oil is harmful or less effective when it is used by children. In fact, some studies have shown that children who suffer from epilepsy had substantial benefits when using CBD oil. And they did not report any side effects either.
4. It Is Illegal to Get CBD Oil
Not only is CBD oil legal, but you do not even need to get a prescription. It is available over the counter, so long as you know where to look. Whether you are buying it from a health store in your area, or you are ordering the oil online, you will not have to worry about legality or prescriptions. You are free to get CBD oil and use it in any way you think will help you.
5. All Hemp Oil is the Same
Hemp oil is not always the same product. It depends greatly on how they oil is derived from the cannabis plant. Some of the hemp seed oil or hemp oil that you may see at grocery stores has great nutritional value, but it does not contain any CBD. If you are searching for hemp oil with CBD, make sure you see the words CBD in the description.

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