There are two types of people: there are PC people, and then there are Mac fans. At least, that's what the old advertisement said. There are people to tinker with the technology behind their computers, and there are people who simply want things to work.

Most Apple fans just expect their computers to work, which is why when Mac problems start to emerge, it can be hard to fix them. Apple designs its products so that addressing problems as simple as possible. And if its built-in systems can't walk you through a problem, then it's more serious than average PC problems.

That doesn't mean it's impossible to fix on your own, though. Most of the time, all it takes is a little extra research to recover your files and get your system back up and running. And if you have any kind of technological experience, navigating Apple's support systems is a breeze.

To learn about 10 common Mac problems and how to go about fixing them, keep reading below!

  1. Switching Between Apps Is Slow, or Impossible

Macs are machines that are built to last. A Macbook Pro can last a decade, and run as if you just bought it even after several years. Apple creates operating systems that keep up with modern demands, and the hardware behind Macs is designed to be future-proof.

Yet, that doesn't mean that they won't start slowing down at some point. All computers age, no matter who makes them or what kind of hardware they have. And Macs are no different.

To help pick up your computer's speed, you can try deleting large files and run fewer processes on it. You can also maintain regular updates so that the software you normally use gets optimized for your system as it ages.

  1. Bluetooth Is Refusing to Connect

Bluetooth is one of the most powerful connection technologies in the modern era. With it, people don't need to worry about managing wires or keeping track of anything but their devices. It's a powerful way to keep all the technology and devices you depend on connected to each other.the best usb c docking station is all you need.

Yet, Macs sometimes simply refuse to connect to other devices through Bluetooth. And with Bluetooth not available on Mac, you can lose out on time you would spend being productive. The time you spend fiddling with wires and attaching devices manually could be spent focusing on what really needs to get done.

The fix is usually as simple as restarting your Mac, though. Almost all Macs have the hardware they need to connect to other devices through Bluetooth. There's usually just a software glitch that prevents them from connecting, and that's almost always fixed by restarting the software.

It May Connect to Apple Devices Automatically

Apple is focused on developing a technological ecosystem through its variety of devices. Its Apple Watch connects to its iPhones which can also connect to its Macs. And it does all of this automatically, most of the team.

That means you may not even notice when something is wrong until you try to connect something manually. If you try to connect something that is outside of the Apple ecosystem, it may reveal underlying issues with your Mac. Luckily, the solution is still the same: just restart your computer.

  1. Startup Takes Longer and Longer

In the same way that Macs can run slower as they age, they can start up slower, too. Most Macs only take moments to boot up when you first take them out of the box. Yet, as you store files and programs on them, it can progressively take longer to boot up.

It'll still boot up faster than a PC though, most of the time. Modern Macs come with SSDs, which is a kind of storage system that is infinitely faster than traditional hard drives. Yet, it can still be annoying to have to wait longer to start using your Mac.

To fix this, you usually just need to adjust which programs the system starts up with. As you download and install new programs, they may try to make sure they start up along core systems. This makes the system as a whole take more time to bring you to the Desktop, and to fix it, you just need to turn these start-up programs off.

  1. Files Open in The Wrong Apps

Sometimes, the files you work with don't open in the right apps. For example, PDF files may start to open in the Preview program instead of the Adobe application. And it can be annoying when this happens since it interrupts your normal workflow.

Luckily, the fix is simple. All you need to do is reassign the default program your Mac uses to open and view certain files. As you download more apps, they may make themselves the default app for filetypes automatically, without you even realizing it.

Just go into settings and find the section for default apps. Then, reassign them as you want.

  1. The Kernel Panics, But Hopefully Doesn't Pop!

Just like how Windows PCs have the blue screen of death when something goes wrong, Mac has a screen for something goes wrong too. However, this screen can look more intimidating then Windows' blue screen. Macs have the same error message in multiple languages, with a large and intimidating power symbol.

There's nothing to be afraid of, though. This screen appears when your Kernel panics, which is just to say that your hardware stops talking to each other. All you need to do is restart the system and everything will run as normal.

At least, restarting it fixes it most of the time. Sometimes, there is a hardware issue that causes your internal systems to stop communicating with each other. If that happens, you'll need to take it to a professional for repairs.A laptop desk riser is always a good thing to have.

Mac Problems Happen — They're Not Perfect

Most people who purchase Macs just want technology to work. They don't want to fiddle with the internal machinations to make it their own. Instead, they want their computer to work right out of the box, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Yet, Mac problems happen. There is no such thing as a perfect piece of technology, and when Macs get problems, it can be stressful trying to fix one. To help, we're here.

Keep reading our website for everything from tech support to cute puppy videos, for when your computer actually does work!

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