Choosing a family holiday that everyone will love isn’t easy. You’ve got to find the balance between keeping the kids and the parents happy. The family holiday is a chance for everyone to do something they enjoy. Make a decision as a family, and the kids will love you for it!



Travelling with children is hard work, and this is something that only parents can possibly understand! But, it’s about finding a balance. For instance, children won’t necessarily enjoy long, lazy walks around foreign cities and museums. It’s also hard to keep them sitting still for longer than an hour! With that in mind, you need something active to keep them busy and excited. In this post, we’ve pulled together some of the best vacation ideas that your kids will love. Let’s take a look.

Disney World and theme parks

Take your children to Disney World, and you instantly become the best parents ever! Your little ones will love meeting their favourite characters, and watching the Disney experience come to live. As parents, you’ll find plenty to enjoy yourselves with the thrilling rides and experiences. Let’s not forget that Orlando has great restaurants and attractions itself. If Disney World is a little far away for you, any theme park will prove an instant hit with the children.

Camper van holiday

The wonderful thing about children is they don’t need a five-star hotel to keep them happy! They love adventure, excitement, and activities. That’s why a taking a trip in a family RV is such a great idea. You can pack the kids up with all their favourite travel games and toys. Head out onto the open road, and explore a new place every day. The children will love the adventure, and you’ll have hours of family fun.

Holiday parks

Holiday parks are fantastic because you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a great time. You’ll find lots of these parks along the coastal parts of the country, and they’re purpose built for fun! Here, you’ll find kids club and entertainment options. You can send them off with groups of other children, while you enjoy some peace and quiet alone!

Beach holidays

Kids love to play on the beach. They’ll happily spend hours building sandcastles, and playing with beach balls. They’ll frolic and play in the sea, and make friends with other children on the sand. That gives you plenty of time to top up the tan or get stuck into a good book. Again, you’ll find plenty of kids’ clubs at beach resorts, and they’ll be well taken care of. The whole family will come home with smiles on their face from this holiday.

European breaks

We all know that dragging children around cities and museums isn’t ideal. You might love the culture, but the kids quickly get bored! However, you can balance it out with some activities they love. Consider taking a boat onto one of Europe’s rivers. You’re never far from a beach or swimming pool in Europe either!

Choosing the perfect family holiday isn’t easy, but you can’t go wrong with one of these choices. Watch how quickly it puts a smile on your children’s face!


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