5 Creative Ways To Package Homemade Sweets and Treats

5 Creative Ways To Package Homemade Sweets and Treats

Gifting warm baked treats and sweets isn’t just a practice that applies to the holidays. Despite their simplicity, creative confections are fantastic ice-breakers between neighbors and lovely gestures to family and friends. While baking these sugary sweets isn’t the issue for most, presentation is an area of concern.

Luckily, there are five creative ways to package homemade sweets and treats to look and feel special.

Coaster Stack Pack

Placing cookies and stackable snacks on one another while on a coaster is a simple presentation method. Wrap in cellophane or plastic wrap to secure goodies further, then tie a dazzling ribbon at the top.

Mason Jar Display

A mason jar display is an easy, efficient way to store sweets and protect them from crumbing and other forms of chaos. Stack fudge, cookies, or other delicious goodies in the container and lay a small square of fabric between the lid and ring before sealing. You can add fun tags with personalized notes for added appeal.

Muffin Tin Assortment

Muffin tins are versatile baking tools that serve as the perfect platter to display cookies. When giving away a variety of confections, place a few of each in a muffin tin and wrap them in plastic cellophane. You can personalize the favor by adding decorative ribbon for a charming finishing touch.

Scrapbook Paper and Ziplock Bag

This method differs from the standard stacked presentation in that it uses a sheet of scrapbook paper and a quart-sized Ziplock bag. Insert the scrapbook cardstock into the bag with the decorative side facing upwards to showcase homemade goodies. Neatly place your sweets on top, seal the bag, and your confections are ready to present.

Mailing Tube

Mailing tubes house all kinds of items, and cookies are no exception! Tubes also come in various sizes, so feel free to select the ideal match for the quantity you’re giving. Remember to use wrapping paper to dress the tube for the occasion and tie off both ends with string or ribbon.

While giving away your best cookies and biscuits is mainly about the intention, it helps to make them look lovely during the presentation. You can use creative ways to package homemade treats so your giftees can enjoy their sweet surprises!

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