As long as you have the opportunity to do so, creating a garden on your rooftop can be a great idea. Not only does it accommodate your gardening hobby, but a garden on your rooftop can add beauty on the property, boost insulation and cooling during the warmer months, and it also improves the way you harvest rainwater. It also supports the environment as the plants grown in the garden can help improve air quality by absorbing CO2 emissions and producing oxygen into the surrounding air. This is not to forget that you can also grow gardening products on your rooftop garden, which you can take to the market for some extra cash in these harsh economic times.

But if you guessed right, creating a garden on your rooftop is not the easiest of affairs. There are more than just a few things to take into consideration, some of which include sunlight exposure, the suitability of your rooftop, the equipment you need, the process of transporting earth to your rooftop, and whether or not you’ll need additional accessories such as planting pots. Regular maintenance will also be a key if at all you’re going to keep your terrace garden beautiful. But no need to fret. You can look at them as more of tips, here are some 5 easy ways to achieve a beautiful rooftop garden.

1. It Starts with a Plan 

There are several factors to consider when creating a garden on your rooftop and for the best results, you will definitely need a good plan to end up with impressive results. For instance, the type of surface you have on your roof can have a great impact on the plants you grow on your rooftop garden and whether they thrive to give you that amazing aerial scenery if at all they survive. Also, you don’t want water seeping through your roof from your garden into your home’s interior, neither will you be pleased by the sight of a flooded rooftop. Each and every flooring option has its own strengths and weaknesses, and on this note, Flooring experts at Integra Direct Floors say that for the best results, it’s important to pick an option that is light, durable, and allows proper drainage. To add some aesthetic appeal to your garden, you may also want to consider installing Artificial Grass on your rooftop, which is more or less similar to the synthetic turf used. All the same, planning is one of the most important aspects that anyone looking to create a perfect-looking green roof should start with.

2. Choose the Right Containers/Planters

Using planters is a great alternative to a fully covered rooftop garden, especially since it’s easier to maintain and won’t exert too much weight on your roof. However, different plants have different growing habits so before investing in planting containers for your rooftop it’s best to ensure that you choose the right planters that will support your green plants through the seasons without dying or dwindling. They should also have adequate drainage.

3. Use the Right Soil

Regular garden soil can be too heavy for your roof to handle. Most importantly, it may not be the best in terms of holding water – it provides poor drainage. Your rooftop garden plants will do better with a soilless mix or lightweight artificial soil, which is a great solution even when using containers. 

4. Add Some Furniture

When well taken care of, gardens provide a cozy environment, full of fresh air and beauty. They provide a great spot to chill up and enjoy the sun or the breeze on those warm days, so be sure to add some uniquely designed garden furniture. A few wooden seats, a table, and perhaps a hanging tree bed (if you have poles or trees for structural support) would make do.

5. Grow Some Creeping and Flowering Plants

There’s something unique about creeping plants (and flowering) when it comes to outdoor aesthetics. When properly groomed and watered, they provide beautiful scenery, not forgetting that they can also help conserve water if you’re growing a variety of plants on your rooftop garden.

Rooftop gardens are beautiful. They support the environment, can lower your air conditioning costs, and even provide you with an awesome chillax spot. In addition to the above tips, be sure to keep your terrace garden well-maintained, and you’ll not only achieve a beautiful rooftop garden, but you’ll also keep it that way. 

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