The pandemic has affected economies across the globe. Where individuals and businesses were looking forward to a bright future there is now uncertainty. The economy has contracted at an unprecedented rate. In short, people are out of work or living on restricted wages until the pandemic has passed. 

There are two issues with this:


  • It’s impossible to know when the pandemic will end
  • Limited income means many families cannot meet their monthly commitments


That’s why many people are looking at ways to earn additional funds during the pandemic. Here are five easy ways to boost your income:


  • Sell Stuff


The most obvious first step is to sell stuff you no longer need or use. For example, have you ever considered how many old cell phones you have or even old tablets and game consoles? Take a good look in your cupboards and be honest about whether you’ll ever use any of these items again. If the answer is no it’s time to sell them.

You can make appointments online with local businesses that buy these sorts of things Or, you can simply advertise them yourself.


  • Rent Your Space


In a pandemic, it may seem strange to consider renting your space. But, it is an easy way to make additional money. Instead of taking on a lodger, you should offer storage services. If you have an empty room or garage then advertise it. There are people who will use the space to store things. You just need to be specific regarding the terms of storage.

Equally, your garage, or your driveway, can be rented to people for them to park their car on. If you speak to these specialists in cheap parking Melbourne you’ll find that people are looking to save money on their daily parking costs. By using your driveway they can save money and you can earn some extra.


  • Paid Surveys


Your opinion is valuable! Big businesses need to know what customers think of their products in order to improve the product, adjust the advertising, or even revise what they are offering. The best way to get genuine opinions is to pay people for them. You can get paid between $50 and $750 for a survey, depending on what you are testing and reviewing!


  • Check Your Tax Returns


Most years you probably race through your tax return, completing it much the same as the year before in order to meet the deadlines. The good news is that you can amend tax returns for anything you’ve missed, such as student tax credits.

Take a few moments to look at your returns and see if anything has been missed. You could file and get a refund!


  • Take A Freelance Job


Finally, the most obvious way to earn extra money is to take on another job. This isn’t easy during a pandemic unless you go online. Think about what experiences you have and what you are passionate about. You’re certain to find a freelance opportunity online that will embrace both these things. 

You can earn extra money doing something you enjoy and it can even graduate into something else, such as full-time work!


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