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When it comes to choosing a profession, there isn’t just one cookie-cutter degree that will impact society and give you job satisfaction at the same time. Industries have expanded beyond our expectations that opportunities that once seemed like a pipe dream are now very real. 

Most people wish to choose a field that is meaningful to them and allow them to earn a good living once they graduate. However, Millennials and Gen Z, in particular, are more interested in changing the world or at least improving it for those around them.

If your goals align with the professionals who wish to impact society positively, here are the top 5 disciplines that can help you achieve this goal.

  1. Biotechnology

The field of biotechnology encompasses the application of different technologies to biology, genetics, molecular biology, environment, and even agriculture. We can use the processes and techniques learned from this discipline to design products and technologies that can help improve our lives. 

Sub-disciplines like medical biotechnology include some of the emerging fields today. They help create novel techniques for healthcare systems engineering, genetic engineering, and even tissue culture engineering. Recent scientific breakthroughs have led to the development of various tools. As a result, we can now treat many diseases, reduce food scarcity, decrease environmental harm, and have more efficient processes.

Using your biotech expertise, you can build vaccines and therapeutics against new pathogens. As people live longer, the healthcare industry is expected to face more age-related issues. To effectively influence society, your skills as a biotechnologist, and research into things such as Mikra's zombie cell supplement, can help you bridge the gap between these problems long before they arise.

  1. Computer Science

The list of areas where Computer Science benefits our professional and personal lives is endless. It’s a field that offers various career opportunities and deals in problem-solving across multiple industries. 

When we talk about bringing a positive change in people’s lives, healthcare usually tops the list. No matter what field a health professional belongs to, they all strive to provide their patients with more comfortable and effective treatment. Computer science aids them in gathering quick, accurate, and efficient data to achieve these objectives.

As a major in the field, you can design software and programs that combine healthcare knowledge with information technology. These machines will help you save time in providing a quick diagnosis. Computer science majors can also develop algorithms using satellites and radars that monitor trends to predict the next possible natural disaster. Also, experts in the field can develop life-saving tools, which can prevent disastrous casualties in the event of hurricanes, storms, or even a disease outbreak.

  1. Environmental Studies

Global warming and other environmental issues are some of the greatest challenges of our time. Our environment is our home, and we have a responsibility to protect it. With a drastic increase in man-made disasters, conserving the environment is more critical now than ever before. 

The field of Environmental Studies focuses on ways to protect and preserve our natural resources to prevent their premature depletion. It connects the principles of physical sciences, social sciences, economics, and humanities to address complex modern-day problems. Human interaction with nature is the focus of this field of study, which develops ways to protect it from further harm.

Our existence depends on the balance of environmental factors like air and water, thus making environmental studies one of the most important subjects to pursue. Its degree offers many career options, such as an environmental consultant, sustainability specialist, land economist, and many more. It may be a challenging discipline, but it offers tremendous benefits to humankind. 

  1. Humanities

The STEM fields are universally viewed as career growth opportunities, leaving social sciences in the dust. We must realize that the world is not compartmentalized, and therefore, no discipline is superior to another. By exploring the field of humanities, we learn how to think, act, reason, and accomplish our goals. 

Our lives are so intertwined that we can’t make any real change unless we learn to understand each other. Humanities provide us with tools and skills that help us to understand different cultures, histories, and languages. It teaches societies to become more tolerant and accepting of one another. Along with this, it teaches us empathy – something that’s much needed in the cut-throat world we live in today.

Even in a STEM-infused society, humanities teach you the skills essential for living and achieving success. Without such a discipline, democracy could never thrive as it provides us with well-informed, critical individuals who think before they do.

  1. Education

Education is one of the strongest indicators in predicting lifestyle factors like employment, income, and socioeconomic status. In third world countries, where most of the population lives below the poverty line, citizens can’t even imagine sending their kids to school due to high education costs. While boys begin working from a young age, girls are responsible for household chores to keep the family functioning. It’s a vicious cycle that has continued for generations. The only way to break this cycle is to educate those living in poverty about breaking free of their cage.

While good teachers are high in demand, they are also hard to find. Choosing education as a career requires extreme dedication, a lot of time, and consistent hard work. But, once you're in, your years of struggle won't be in vain. 

When you educate a child, you educate his family as well as society at large. Without teachers, a country can neither prosper socially nor economically. The role of a teacher can never be overstated in society's development.


We all want to change the world but don’t know where to begin. As a first step, you should focus on making the right choices in picking a career that interests you and sets you on the path that benefits your society. Big changes don’t just happen overnight. Work hard, study well and remember that even the tiniest ripple today will affect several generations to come.


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