Overweight during pregnancy? Overweight of a pregnant woman sometimes focus on only losing weight, It depends on the doctor's recommendation for a pregnant woman, and this is back up with various reasons for the safety of the mother and child. Overweight occur mostly among women who are obese before pregnancy and during their pregnancy period their weight tends to increase at this moment causing an overweight dilemma. So How to lose weight while pregnant?

Here are five effective tips to do this,

Exercise: This is advisable and very important in other to lose weight, thirty to forty minutes’ exercise per day is recommended or advisable for a pregnant woman to lose weight. Exercising at a very high intensity during pregnancy leads to weight loss. Excess weight causes infections in mother gestational diabetes in mother, labor problem, pregnancy loss, sleep apnea, high blood pressure in mother, stillbirth, blood clot in the mother’s leg, heart defect in baby, premature birth and cesarean delivery though exercise prevent the baby and the mother from the above-listed causes in other to aid healthy delivery. These exercises include dancing, jogging, jumping, walking, prenatal yoga, facial exercise, getting a massage therapist, riding a recumbent bike, swimming, gardening, flexibility exercise (avoid bouncing), etc. The practice has a significant benefit during pregnancy, and the level of exercise will depend on the level of pregnancy fitness, and it prepares the body for childbirth.


Know your calorie needs: Visit a doctor to know how many calories your body needs to know your risk as a pregnant mother, count calories (2400 per day). Stay away from food with empty calories such as cakes, drinks, chips, cookies, etc. Drink enough water to flush the toxins out and avoid excessive salty foods, junk foods, fried food, smaller or little quantity of food.


Dieting: Dieting during pregnancy can also lead to weight loss because it deprives the baby and the mother of the needed calories vitamins and minerals, you can choose the prenatal vitamins to supply those essential minerals and vitamins. Morning sickness and food aversions are another way of losing weight during pregnancy. This nausea is the strongest during the first trimester, and it can lead to reducing food intake or eating little meal during this period. The doctors do recommend the eating of leafier greens and pulses, decrease the absorption of full-fat dairy change the consumption of cheese intake (select the light or soft version of cheese), an addition of light aerobics and change of skimmed milk to the pregnant woman to lose weight.


Fasting: This is not advisable or recommendable for a woman during pregnancy. The fasting won't be a full-fledged one but skipping a meal once in a while to reduce or lose weight. Though weight loss during pregnancy should be avoided in some cases, it needs to be cut.


Visit a doctor, dietician or a gynecologist: This is one of the best options of how to lose weight during pregnancy period. This will enable a pregnant woman to know the right step to take, the right drug to use, right advise to follow and how to cut down her excess food intake in other to lose weight. The doctor will recommend her in such a way that it won't affect her health or the baby's health and it will aid a safe delivery and excellent or sound growth of the fetus in the womb. Excess weight leads to how to lose weight during pregnancy without any harm to the child or the mother. The pounds of weight gained during pregnancy can lead to such complications as varicose veins heart diseases and preeclampsia. Constant weight checks help to avoid any negative aftermath.

Gynecologists especially the expert advise the expectant mothers whose weight represents a danger to their health, or their baby development needs to lose weight while pregnant because the human body especially the female body differs from one another. Here the gynecologist advises a pregnant woman to lose weight if she has excess pounds which can later result to delay in childbirth. They consider individual body system characteristics of a woman body and prescribe the necessary drugs and treatment. This helps to prevent complicated rehabilitation after heavy childbirth bleeding (blood loss) during the delivery of premature birth and high odds of a miscarriage or stillbirth.




The maintenance of a healthy and active lifestyle helps to lose weight. Eating food that is 10% more of proteins reduce healthy fats baked goods, candy and a small portion of meal, vitamins and trace elements. Exclude the fluid retention in the organism by reducing salt intake and taking or drinking more water, stick to a healthy eating schedule. During the third trimester of the pregnancy, it is advisable to make a vegetarian diet and limit the amount of fluid before childbirth.

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