5 Expert Tips For Choosing The Best Wine Racks


If you’re a committed wine lover, you get to a point where you want to have a stock of good wine. You wouldn’t want to run out of wine as you celebrate a milestone at home. Moreover, if you're going to buy wines that require aging to improve their taste, it’s best to find a way to store them.

Having a wine rack can help store your wines until they age perfectly. These wine racks come in various styles and sizes. There are small decorative wine racks that can hold a few bottles and use up a smaller space, perfect for condominium or apartment spaces. However, if you’re starting a serious wine collection, a wooden wine rack designed to fit dozens of bottles would be your best choice.

If you have a more traditional wine cellar or kitchen with wooden cabinets, then you're going to want to choose a wooden wine rack kit that fits both the type of wood and stain of your kitchen. This will ensure your wine rack matches the design seamlessly and avoids any clashing of colors.

To determine which wine rack suits your needs, it would be best to know where you aim to put it and how you want to display your wine. Therefore, knowing about the types of wine racks can be a good start.

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Types Of Wine Rack



  • Countertop Wine Racks


As the name implies, this wine rack is placed on countertops. This type of wine rack is small enough to allow easy placement on a table, kitchen counter, or any extra surface space. If you have enough space, you can have a countertop rack that can support around 50 wine bottles.

Countertop racks are an excellent choice since they can fit easily in reachable spots such as kitchen counters, tops of bookshelves, fireplace mantel, or top of any available flat surface, hence allowing you to save on space. 


  • Wall Mounted Wine Racks


Wall-mounted wine racks can serve as both your wine bottle storage and decoration piece, just like how hanging a piece of artwork on your wall does. They come in different designs that can fit any home setting.

Additionally, wall-mounted racks don’t need any floor space. Therefore, this wine rack would be an ideal choice if your home has a limited floor space but has many bare walls.

These wine racks are often small in size since adding more weight increases the chances of it falling. A decorative wall-mounted wine rack is capable of holding around 12 bottles. A capacity that exceeds a dozen bottles requires a simpler design, which focuses more on sturdiness rather than style.

In getting a wall-mounted wine rack, it would be best to consider its quality and capacity. Having a wine rack that doesn’t accommodate the weight of the bottles can cause a mess and a loss of several bottles of wine.



  • Hanging Wine Racks


This type of wine rack is similar to the wall-mounted ones, only that these hang from a ceiling or under a cabinet rather than mounting them on a wall. Considering a sturdy wine rack and installing it carefully can prevent it from dropping and shattering wine bottles.

Hanging wine racks are also ideal for limited counter or floor spaces. Most hanging racks have built-in wine glass holders, thereby having both items at a convenient place when needed.


  • Floor Wine Racks


This type is of a similar design to that of countertop racks, only that it’s of a bigger size to hold hundreds of wines. Due to its heavyweight, this type of wine rack is suitable to sit on the floor.

A floor wine rack is an ideal choice for a wine collector intending to have a huge wine collection. Floor wine racks are not only limited to bigger sizes. You can find small floor racks that can hold up to a dozen wine bottles and take up smaller floor space.    

With a floor wine rack, you don’t need to worry about the height and weight of your wine bottles.


Now that you know about the different types of wine racks, you can now move on to the factors to consider when choosing a wine rack.


Factors To Consider In Choosing A Wine Rack



  • Capacity And Size


It’s best that you first consider a wine rack that fits perfectly in your available space and accommodates the number of wines you want to store. If you’re interested in keeping a vast collection of wine for aging, carving out some space for a floor wine rack that accommodates many bottles would be a good call.

For fewer bottles, a smaller wine rack that can fit on your wall, countertop, floor, or ceiling would be perfect. A smaller wine rack can offer a stylish look while optimizing the small available space.  

It's also essential to consider the bottle sizes of the wines you purchase. Most wines come in standard bottle sizes. However, some wines such as champagne have larger bottle sizes, hence finding a wine rack that can accommodate the diverse sizes and shapes would be necessary.



  • Look


You may also consider having a wine rack that transforms your wine bottles into art. Selecting a wine rack with an additional visual appeal can enhance the look of your space. You can browse through different stores online or physically to obtain a wine rack style that you desire.



  • Material


Wine racks are typically made of either wood or metal. A wood wine rack is best suitable for a traditional home design. For a modern style, you can choose a metal wine rack which mostly comes in silver or black, however, the color can depend on your specifications.

So, in choosing the best wine rack for your home, consider matching its material to your home design.



  • Cost


Large wine racks that accommodate many wine bottles tend to be expensive. However, smaller wine racks that have a simpler design can come at a cheaper price. Some wine racks have more attractive styles and additional features like drawers or cabinets for wine accessories which can cost much more. So, make sure to buy one that fits your budget and needs.



  • Extra Features


Several wine racks have extra features such as cabinets and drawers for wine accessories or can act as a counter or table. These extras might not be necessary to most homeowners but can help in saving money as compared to getting these items separately.


The Take Away

When selecting a wine rack, you'll have to consider several factors such as its size, design, material, cost, and features. Your available floor space can determine the type of wine rack that can fit best in your home. While its style and design would highly depend on your desires. With the guide above, you choose the best wine rack that best fits your needs.

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