5 Fashion Must-Haves When Travelling During Autumn

Singaporeans rejoice! The travel restriction is lifting soon so get ready to fulfil all your wanderlust and countries like Japan and South Korea allow visitors from Singapore to enter. If you’re planning to go to countries with dropping temperatures in the near future, remember to pack these fashion essentials so you can keep warm wherever you are.

  1. Uniqlo HeatTech inners

Thermal undergarments are a must when you’re planning to visit a colder country. Even those who have lived in one all their lives wear thermal underwear to help them bear the biting cold. Luckily, the Japanese apparel brand, Uniqlo, carries a wide collection of thermal inners. This includes turtlenecks, long sleeve shirts, leggings, tights, pants, and an array of accessories. Uniqlo’s HeatTech products use your own body heat to warm yourself up. They are also available in different heat intensity levels.

  1. Knitted outerwear

Even when you’re already wearing thermal underwear, layering is also as important. On top of your thermal inners, don’t forget to throw on a piece of outerwear, as thermal underwear is definitely not enough to protect you from the cold. If you’re unsure of which outerwear to opt for, consider getting your hands on some knitted sweaters and cardigans. Knitted outerwear made with wool are not only warm, but they’re also stylish and easy to pair with anything. 

  1. A variety of accessories

Sometimes, wearing plenty of layers is still not enough, especially if the cold is combined with strong gushes of wind. Adding accessories like scarves, mittens or gloves, and hats can give you the extra warmth that you need. They protect your hands, ears, and neck, places that we tend to forget about when preparing for the cold. 

  1. A good pair of shoes

When you’re overseas, it’s more than likely that you’ll be walking everywhere. That’s why a good pair of walking shoes is probably the most important thing to bring along on your travels. This can either be a pair of comfy sneakers or a pair of fashionable boots, as long as they have soft cushioning that can support your trek no matter where you are, whether it’s in the city or in the sprawling countryside.

  1. Face mask

Just because they’re easing the restrictions, doesn’t mean the pandemic is over! Face masks will protect you, and the people around you, from possibly carrying diseases that we don’t want to catch or spread around. You can opt for a thicker face mask that will give you heat protection compared to the regular surgical face mask. This can be in the form of an N95 mask or a novelty, non-surgical face mask with special designs.

There you have it! 5 fashion essentials you need in your suitcase when traveling to colder places. The trick is to find classic styles made with good materials so these items can last for a long time, or at least until your next autumn trip!

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