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5 Games That We Need To Bring Back To Existence

Over time, family fun games have evolved and so have we. It’s likely that you’re not playing the same family games now as you did years ago with your parents. This article is going to remind you of some of the fun things you used to do that we need to bring back to existence.


Remember the days where on a Sunday afternoon after your roast dinner you would sit down together as a family and play Monopoly? There would always be one sore loser, but you would still have tons of fun together. Even though Monopoly sets are still being sold worldwide, it’s fizzled out of our lives massively. Next time your family is together, get out the Monopoly board and live the old days out again.

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Whatever happened to the days where the kids would get the karaoke machines out when their parents and other adult loved ones had a few too many glasses of wine? Gone are the days where ‘Livin’ on a prayer’ is belted out on a regular basis. There’s no better feeling than belting out your favorite song at the top of your voice. Why not get the karaoke machine out and have a blast. Let’s just make sure that all cameras and smartphones are put to one side to prevent any embarrassment though.


Twister is a game as old as the tale of time. For those who don’t know, it’s a colored dotted mat that goes on the floor. You all pick a color and spin an arrow which will then decide the fate of each color. Whichever color you are, you must attempt to get into the position it’s told you to. The last one standing (or not fallen at least) wins the game. The great thing about this game is you don’t even have to have the proper set, you could make your own with paper and a bit of imagination. Don’t forget to limber up first though!


Scrabble is a more intense game that actually requires a bit of brainpower to play. Remember the days of playing it with your whole family, and Grandad insisting that he had spelt millennium correctly when in fact he hadn’t? Then there’s a big family debate until you all reach an agreement and decide to move on. These days, the family debates won’t be as lengthy because we have the power of the internet to tell us the truth!


Did anyone actually know how to play Uno? All we knew, that the multi-colored cards were really special and if we had one, we had basically won the game. Why not get the old Uno set out again and see if you can actually work out how the game works!


There we have it, 5 classic games that we should bring back to existence. Can you think of any others that have been missed off? Let us know below!

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