5 Great Reasons To Book A Boutique Hotel On Your Next Vacation


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Every time we plan a vacation, most of us tend to follow the same beaten path. We choose destinations, book flight tickets, and then move on to booking a hotel. The majority of us opt for larger hotel chains since it is a convenient and easy task. We know what to expect and then book the same. However, in the midst of all this, most travelers end up missing out on something unique and experiential.

Traveling is all about experiencing the unknown. It is about coming into contact with something unexpected that pleasantly surprises us and tingles our senses. Unfortunately, when booking larger hotel chains, we miss out on this. If you are someone that is looking to elevate the experiences on your next travel and vacation, you might want to book boutique hotels. This is sure to make your vacation better and help you with excellent experiences.

What are Boutique Hotels?

In simple words, a boutique hotel is an accommodation that has fewer rooms as compared to larger chains. For example, a boutique hotel has between tent to hundred rooms. For example, for boutique hotel rooms from Heritage Collection the emphasis is more on crafting experiences, offering customized services with a focus on personal attention.

Most boutique hotels are independent standalone establishments, or part of a chain that specializes in boutique-only accommodations. As the rooms are lesser in number, you can always expect better service, an eager staff and a delightful experience covering your stay.

Boutique hotels have brilliant designs, stunning décor, and provide its patrons with the best and latest technological aids while living. You can associate words like ‘trendy’, ‘cool’, and ‘intimate’ while staying at a boutique hotel. Boutique hotels take provide in offering an elevate gastronomic experience through their carefully curated restaurant and food options.

List of 5 Great Reasons to Book a Boutique Hotel on your Next Vacation

  1. Character and Individuality-

Spaces have character. When it comes to boutique hotels, you will notice how they stand apart from larger hotel chains with their individuality and unique character. No two rooms are the same, and each comes with its own intrinsic features and USPs. While hotel rooms in larger chains might all feel one and the same, this is not the case when it comes to boutique hotels.

  1. Design and Décor-

Whenever we travel, we like to be blown away by the places we want to stay in. This is exemplified when you choose to stay at a boutique hotel. They try to stay true to the local heritage and amplify it by adding their own interpretation. You get a richness of décor that is palatable and elegant. When you book with boutique hotels, you will always see a theme.

  1. Upscale Locations in Great Neighbourhoods-

One thing that is common to the best boutique hotels is that they are always well located. You might find some in the best city squares, or others tucked away atop mountain cliffs and vineyards. Boutique hotels try to amalgamate the best that the location has to offer. From the food to the décor, they mirror the location they are placed in. This helps build a relationship.

  1. Great Service and Attention to Detail-

As compared to hotel chains, boutique hotels take great pride in providing a far superior level of service. The staff are trained differently to cater to the personal requests and demands of the guests. You can request cleaning twice a day in some and they will get it done effortlessly. Guests can experience luxury benefits like spa when they book their stay at a boutique hotel.

  1. Superior Gastronomic Experience-

The restaurants at boutique hotels tend to be chic, classy, hipster and trendy. The food is on another level, as are their selections of cocktails. The service is tailormade to help you feel special whenever you order, either in their restaurants, or order room service. You will understand the difference in the quality of the food when you compare it with larger hotel chains.

The Final Word

If you are someone planning your next vacation, we suggest you check out a boutique hotel. If you are looking for a stylish experience and want the best of what travel has to offer, we are sure that a boutique hotel is not going to let you down. If there are any questions that you would like us to address on the topic of boutique hotels, please let us know in the comments below.

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