5 Key Lessons You Should Learn From the Fascinating K-Drama

The second season of the most sought-after K-drama series, ‘True Beauty,' ended in early 2021, but there's still more to learn about the valuable everyday life encompassing love, passion, and beauty. The drama series ingrains both loyalty and friendship and emphasizes the need to embrace the imperfections in physical appearances. And with the constant light moments of fun and laughter, this show will pretty much keep you locked on your screen without edging away. Here are the key lessons this k-drama series teaches.


  1. Always Stick out For Yourself

Regardless of what life throws at you, it's best that you be yourself, no matter how tough the going gets. You're created differently, which curates a diversity in perfections and imperfections that add flavor to life. Joo-Kyung gets a ride through hell with the thought that she doesn't impress with her looks. However, she doesn't falter, nor does she cower amid the bullying by her fellow schoolmates. And when she discovers the power of using makeup, the rest becomes history for her.

  1. Real Beauty Lies Within

The best way to express your beauty is by being bold and believing in yourself. No one else has to change your beauty code by looking down upon you based on your looks, but being kind to yourself will ignite your glow. Even after getting bullied by her family and friends from school, Lim Jung-Kyung finds her purpose in her new school, all thanks to her self-realization of what beauty is about – loving yourself. Confiding and loving oneself is the only perfect way to express your real beauty.

  1. Broken Friendships Shouldn't Come with Betrayal

There's usually a code that friends should have between them, where regardless of how deep the wedge divides you, betrayal isn't an option. Suho and Seojun perfectly testify that they were friends with some bad blood between them. And, of course, if you follow the drama by visiting https://www.viki.com/tv/37374c-true-beauty, you'll learn that they eventually regain their friendship. Keeping secrets for one another, no matter how mad you get, defines real friendship.


  1. Life Changes for the Better with Persistence

Imagine going through tribulation and adversity without having any hope of reprieve? That's what the show's main character, Lim Jung-Kyung, goes through in her former school. Worse still, her family throws shade at her, judging by her physical appearance. However, thanks to her persistence and self-belief, she eventually transfers and becomes a popular figure in her new school. Many would argue that her realization about using makeup played an advantage, but it's reasonably her self-belief and acceptance of oneself that saw her through.

Makeup shouldn’t be Your Only Escape

Although Jung-Kyung appears to confide in makeup, there's always no need to feel confined within what society defines as “beauty.” That's what the main character of the show goes through, making her life a living hell. Perhaps, what society thinks may be out of your control, but it helps to turn a blind eye and live your life. Keep in mind that beauty lies within, and that should be your only definition of it as far as you're concerned.


K-drama has never failed to mesmerize with its thoughtfully curated drama acting. While numerous dramas live up to this reputation, a few seem to take it to a much higher level. True Beauty – a love, friendship, and a story of the perception of beauty – will sure keep sunk into your coach as you enjoy the acting while learning a thing or two.

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