If you are looking to sell your car as a used car, it’s natural to want to make the most out of the sale. Of course, proper maintenance will ensure that it is in good condition at the time of selling, as well as maximize the chances of getting a positive report when you get a professional car inspections expert to look at the vehicle. In the interim, these five things will reduce the resale value of your car, and should be avoided at all costs.Always beware of what your needs and how much used cars in phoenix are being used.

  1. Neglect of Maintenance

Potential buyers are generally wary of noisy engines. This means you should not neglect regular fluid and belt changes and fluid filtration which affect engine’s performance.

Lack of maintenance records is also likely to decrease the value of your car. Records of service visits show that the car was well taken care of. They are written proof of care which a buyer will appreciate when it comes to making a deal.

  1. Aftermarket Changes

Your car should make the buyer feel like it was taken straight from the showroom or, even better, the factory. Other than specific clients who look out for custom changes, ordinary customers avoid modified vehicles. There are legal concerns when it comes to add-ons and clients may not want to take the risk of taking a vehicle with uncertified changes. These modifications often include:

  • Special lights and running lights
  • Spoilers
  • Unusual paint jobs
  • Unusually loud sound system
  • Fancy rims
  • After-purchase engine changes e.g. turbocharging


  1. Mileage

Car buyers are attracted to low odometer readings so the lower the mileage the better for you. The way to achieve this is to use public transportation, share rides with friends and/or take up biking to work. Always beware of what your needs and how much it is being used.

  1. Smelly Cars

Dirty cars do not attract top dollar because they show reduced value. When taking photos for the adverts, you want images showing a clean and functional car. Some buyers are very keen and will check if the inside has been washed as well. Check beneath creases and below carpets  to confirm cleanliness.

Ensure that the vehicle doesn’t have any strange smells lingering within the cabins. Use a good, mild deodorant to douse the car’s interior musty and/or food smells. However, don’t use deodorants that are too strong as the buyer may think you’re trying o hide something. Smoke smells are comparatively more difficult to eliminate and may require professional assistance. If the smell comes from something that is easily replaceable, consider buying another one.

  1. Dents and Scratches

Buyers are always on the lookout for scratches – whether from other vehicles or sharp objects – as well as dents from accidents and other mishaps. Have these fixed to up the resale value of the car. It is worth the extra cost. Impressions do have an impact on the ultimate decision to purchase any item-a car included.


Placing yourself in the buyer’s shoes may help you to notice slight details that could have gone undetected. Getting a quality inspector to check the vehicle and provide a certificate entices buyers and could just be the difference between selling the vehicle for a loss and a profit.


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