5 Makeup Tricks That Can Transform Your Features



Tweaking a few things here and there makes all the difference in the makeup, making the person look extremely handsome. Celebrities often use specific makeup tips to distinguish themselves from others. Sparkling eyes, thick, well-shaped brows, flawless skin, well-contoured nose, and glowing cheekbones – will make any face look angelic. 

Always pay attention to the brows and get them filled regularly to give a distinct look to your face. Learn makeup basics like contouring to make the nose and skin stand out like a diva model. Apply foundation on the skin when it is still damp after spraying rose water to make it last longer and get better coverage. Experiment with various tips and tricks you see and start following the best suitable ones.

Attractive eye makeup

Makeup beginners loving smoky eyes, draw a hashtag on the end of the eyes with a creamy pencil and smudge for super quick effects. Follow simple tips like using a spoon on eyelids while applying mascara to avoid spreading. Apply a coat of white eye shadow or other opaque colors on eyelids and lips before applying eyeshadow and lipstick to make them look brighter.

Long eyelashes are the first and foremost feature that can be tweaked easily without much effort. So how long do eyelash extensions last and what are some good brands? Lilac St long-lasting lash extensions are a boon for many women as it lasts for nearly ten days without falling out. Other competitor brands like Lashify, Ardell, and LoveSeen produce good but costly lashes. They offer quite a natural look, but they require good aftercare to make it last for this long and many precautions while using eye makeup products. 

Thick brows 

Thick brows can make or break a face, and it is the major feature that gives the face a model-like look. Professional brow filling and maintenance is worth spending every penny on as perfectly shaped, and thick brows provide a majestic look. Always use a spoolie brush to comb the eyebrows upward before applying gel and fill in with different brow shades. 

Another important tip for maintaining brows is highlighting. Apply white or gold highlighter on top and right below the brows to make it stand out. Melt the brow pencil for a second or two to make it cakey, and apply it to the brow for smooth gliding. 


Perfect, flawless skin is the dream of every person, and there are hundreds of products to create that look. An ideal way to get flawless skin without that layered makeup look would be to apply foundation on the face first and then use concealer to cover blemishes. Applying concealer after the foundation helps spot correct and efficiently cover all the problematic areas in the skin. 

Another easy way to avoid cakey makeup is to use just the concealer or the foundation alone. Always keep a few ice cubes on your face for two minutes before applying makeup for parties to make it last longer than ever. Apply the right highlighter on the T-zone to get a perfectly glowing and model-like face. 

Master contouring 

The nose is the best feature of your face, and tweaking it with the proper contouring will make you look like a diva. There are plenty of ways to do contouring, and the best one is to start from the outer side of the nose. Experiment with different styles until you get the perfect nose contouring right and use the right shaded products. 

There are plenty of videos on the internet teaching you how to do it, and even beginners can master nose contouring within a day or two. Most people give importance to full-face makeup and ignore nose contouring which is a grave mistake.  

Glowing cheekbones 

Proper contouring and highlighter application give you glowing cheekbones and highlight any face. Place a pencil on the cheeks and apply the highlighter across its length to get the perfect angle. Select cream-based highlighters instead of the stick ones to blend them as you wish. 

Applying a tint of blush to the cheeks also gives a very natural finish to the face. Most people shy away from applying blushes because they think it is too much while going out. Stick to neutral tones or use the same shade as the lipstick to create a natural finish, making your face look much prettier. Use a broad and soft rogue brush to apply the product.

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