Do you have a long list of “honey-do’s” from your wife that you never seem to have the time or money to tackle? The truth is, there are probably more than just simple things that she wants you to deal with in the home. Your wife’s issues may not be the cluttered garage. It could be that she simply wants to make your home become more functional. We all have things that we love or hate about the home that we live in. If she can make it look less cluttered and cleaner, it’s a double bonus. Therefore, if you want to make your wife’s day and your life a little easier; you should consider tackling these 5 mini home upgrades your wife will surely love.

Add Storage to a Bathroom

The bathroom is a functional room in our home that lacks a lot of appeal. With all the makeup, hair care products, cleaning supplies, towels, and everything else that ends up in that room; it can become cluttered. It can be hard to clean and even harder to organize. For only a little money, you can give your bathroom an updated look and perhaps encourage your wife to spend a little time in it relaxing. Add standalone storage areas to the bathroom so that not everything has to be on, in, or near the vanity. You can add storage even if your bathroom is small. Shelves on the wall, over the toilet, and beside the mirror are all good choices.

Update Your Bathrooms

To give the bathroom in your home a little extra special appeal, consider changing out the bathroom light so it's not a standard fixture or place candles around the tub on their own little shelves. You should also never underestimate what paint can do for a bathroom. You can easily add some paint or tile to make a small room look brighter and larger or consider throwing in a couple flower vases to add more “atmosphere”.

Upgrade Your Kitchen Sink

The kitchen in most homes is where families come together. Therefore, they should be places that you want to spend time in. If your kitchen is a little lacking, there are a lot of things you can do to change it. By changing a little, you can add new life to it and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. For instance, you can add a barn sink like the ones found in many of the kitchens in Surrey. They will give your kitchen an updated look that your wife will enjoy and make it so that she no longer dreads “kitchen duty”.

Add Storage and Style to Boring Kitchen Spaces

If a new sink is not within your price range, you may want to consider making under your traditional sink more usable. There are many people using tips that people use in handmade kitchens in Sussex. Two of the most common include tiling the area under your sink using peel and stick tiles and then adding storage bins, which are available at most dollar stores, to ensure that everything under the sink stays neat. Any extra tiles that you have left over can be put on the wall as a backsplash. Painting cabinets and walls is also easy and affordable.

Give Her a Woman’s Cave

Your wife is always busy. She takes care of the home and the kids, prepares your meals, and runs errands. She may also have a job to juggle as well. With all that she goes through daily, why not give her a space to unwind? It doesn’t even have to be a separate room or a basement area. You can set up something in your bedroom or in a living space. A corner that is all hers. Use decorative room dividers, add a table and chair, a lamp, a throw rug, and anything else that you feel she will love. It does not have to be a large space. It simply has to be a place where she can relax and curl up with a book. It also helps if you make a rule in your home that when mommy goes to her space; no one bothers her for a few minutes.

Your Efforts Will Be Rewarded

Your wife gives you so much, every day. She may have a list of things that she wants to be done, but almost all of them are things for the house, not for herself. Therefore, if you put forth a little effort to give her something that she may not even realize she wants; you will make her the happiest woman in the world. It does not have to cost a lot, it does not have to be a major change. It may only take you an afternoon to get the job done. Your wife will love it and she will show her appreciation for what you have done for her.

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