Work related injuries are a lot more common than many people think. However, the severity of the injury can differ depending on the work environment. While some jobs come with a risk of injury that could be fatal, others can have all the necessary precautions in place, but still have accidents, such as slip, fall or even back injuries due to sitting at a desk. There are certain industries, such as those related to fishing, pilots or roofers, which have the highest accident rates. But when it comes to work-related accidents here are the 5 most common injuries of 2019. 

1. Transportation Injuries 

One of the high probability injuries that could be severe and maybe even lead to fatalities is transportation injuries. Roughly 40% of the accidents that lead to death in the workplace are a result of motor vehicle accidents. If you use transportation regularly as part of your work, it is important to know what to do when you’re injured on the job to help you get the immediate care you need. You should also know the precautions you need to take, as well as the procedure to follow in order to be able to get compensated for the injury. Most workplaces have insurance to cover injuries and accidents that happen as a result of the job, but in order to apply for it you need to ensure that you have your documents in order. 

2. Slip and Fall Injuries 

Other common injuries at work include slip and fall injuries which, in most cases, don’t always prove to be too serious depending on the type of fall. This could be as a result of a wet floor, tripping over furniture or an unseen object on the floor, or just bumping into someone by accident. As long as it was on the job, then it falls under the category of a slip and fall injury and you could be compensated. In some cases, you might only be eligible for compensation in terms of medical bills and treatment. While other times you could even be compensated for the time you’ll have to stay away from work due to the accident, or even factor in psychological and emotional issues as a result of the accident. 

3. Violence by Other People or Animals 

Not all injuries have to be job-related; they could also result from situations that occur while being on the site. Let’s say you work in a store and a thief comes in to rob the place and ends up shooting you with a gun or knocking you unconscious. Or, in another situation, let’s say a stray animal attacks you while you’re on a construction site. These injuries are still considered workplace injuries and are actually some of the most common accidents that happen within the work environment, making you eligible for compensation. 

4. Injuries Due to Objects and Equipment

When working in fields such as construction or labs, with heavy machinery, it is quite common to face injuries due to the surrounding environment. Interacting with sharp machinery can sometimes lead to accidents that could be extremely severe and frequently even fatal. Whereas construction accidents can also involve falling off a higher level due to the misuse of one of the equipment. Labs are also a bit risky, due to certain equipment being sensitive to heat and pressure. Furthermore, the use of corrosive and toxic materials is also common within a lab. This could lead to explosions, which could result in burns, rashes or even death.  

5. Fire 

While companies try to take precautionary measures against fire, there is still a possibility that such an incident could happen in a building. Due to the building sometimes being quite large with many stories, it could take a long time for people to get out, making them trapped inside. It all depends on how fast the fire department comes and while it could be prevented, it is still quite common to be left with injuries or burns from a fire. The explosion itself can cause damage or knock something over leading to injuries. 


While there are industries that are known for their common risks and injuries, other work-related injuries could be purely accidental, and also lead to damages. In order to ensure that you will be compensated for  damages that may happen at work, you need to be sure that your company has insurance against these work-related injuries. You also need to understand the proper process of filing a damage report and what you are required to do if you are ever put in this situation. 

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