Everyone can enjoy outdoor activities like camping, whether for a night or a family trip touring the various spots in the country. Camping offers exciting moments and is a perfect way to spend holiday time. However, before you get started on your camping trip, there are few things you need to understand that might help you have a better experience.


Consider these outdoor hacks that are ideal for your family outdoor exploration.

1. Carry the tinfoil

You can prepare any food using a campfire, as long as you ensure to wrap it in a tinfoil. Your baked potato and cheese or beans will all go into this simple setup and you will not need many utensils to prepare the food. You could even cook fish through seasoning using tinfoil and it tastes as good as one cooked in your oven. You only wrap the food and throw in the middle of the fire where it can cook.

2. Soup thermos

Sometimes while exploring outdoors you will want to carry some soup. You don’t want to take cold soup, so one of the best ideas would be to find a good thermos for soup. A thermos keeps the food hot, and it’s ideal if you are packing food for your kids to ensure they have enough lunch. It’s flexible and allows you to keep food at safe temperatures while you are out camping. The good thing about soup thermoses is that you can find a size that matches your needs, so if you are a group, you can look for a largely sized thermos that can accommodate enough for all of you.

3. Emergency blanket to keep your tent cool

Emergency blankets are made to help you stay warm. However, due to the silver coating of the blanket, it is great for keeping your tent cool as it reflects sunlight. Sometimes your tent will get too warm and temperatures just become uncomfortable, so a good hack like this can help to remove the discomfort. This is a perfect idea that could help you enjoy better sleep.

4. Sage will keep mosquitoes away

It can be frustrating to spend a night in a tent full of mosquitoes. This is almost inevitable while you are camping outdoors, so you have to find a solution. One of the ideas available that you should look at is to pop some sage and this will keep away all mosquitoes. They don’t like it, so you might enjoy your night with this little hack.

5. Foam floor tiles

Sleeping on the ground doesn’t seem like the best idea when you are out camping. It can be uncomfortable. Foam tiles are a good solution in this case. You can find jigsaw-like tiles that you can assemble to cover your tent. Using the foam tiles will make sleeping more comfortable.


Before you go out camping, you need to prepare and have the itinerary that can make it fun. Remember to come up with creative ways of preparing food like using tinfoil. Also if you have children you should carry some soup in a thermos, and don’t forget to chase away the mosquitoes as these can be annoying when you want to catch sleep. These ideas will help you to enjoy every moment of your outdoor trip.

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