Having a little one is amazing, and it's great to spend some quality time with them. However, with everyone feeling the pinch, it’s harder to find places to go for free. A lot of locations can cost you a fortune just to get in, and that’s before buying any food or drink for your child. Here’s 5 ideas on where to take your child which won’t cost you a penny to get in.


Friends home


When you are considering where to go out with your little one, you should think about visiting a friend who has a child of the same age. Your child will love going to see the friend’s child and playing with them. They may not have seen their toys before, so they will have a great time playing with something new. Visiting a friend is also a great way for you to keep entertained too as you can have a natter. Hopefully there may even be a free tea or coffee for you too!




Visiting the park is a fun experience for you and your child. They will love going on all the playground equipment, and you could even have a kickabout if you take a ball with you. You should use the opportunity to take their bike with them. It’s a great time to teach them the basics for riding their bike. A scooter or roller skates are also a good way to keep them busy at the park. Take some snacks with you, and you could even have a mini picnic which you both will enjoy. To help prepare for a disaster happening while you are out with your little one, click here to see what diapers you could take while keeping to a budget.


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Check your local newspaper for events that are coming up at museums which are nearby. They are often free to get in, and are educational for your little one. They often do some daily activities which your child can get involved in, and there will be other children there that your little one can play with. They sometimes even provide free juice for the kids, and tea and coffee for the parents.




If you’re lucky enough to live near a beach, it would be a great idea to visit the beach with your little one. You won’t have to pay anything to play in the sand, and you could take your own bucket and spade to keep your little one busy. For even more fun, you could take a beach ball, and even get your kid to try putting their toes in the sea for the first time. Make sure you take some water and sunscreen with you if it’s a hot day.


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Stately homes


Research the area to see if there are any stately homes nearby that you could visit with your child. Some stately homes are free to go to, and if not the actual house, the beautiful gardens will be free for you to explore. Take your child for some fresh air and you could even have a cheap picnic, if you are allowed to eat there.


Remember that spending time with your child doesn’t have to be expensive, quality rather than quantity is most important.

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  1. Nice list, I love going to the beach with the kids too. One thing you might want to add is the library. It’s an awesome place to take the kids and encourage them to read and explore.

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