Whether you are doing commercial or just your normal small welding at home, having the right pair of gloves is indispensable. With the improvement in the manufacturing industry, there is a wide variety of gloves to choose from. The kind you select will determine how safe you are when carrying out your welding. It will also be a big determiner of how fast or efficient you do your duties. If you are shopping for a pair of welding gloves, here are five important questions you need to ask yourself.

1. What kind of welding do I want to do?
There are three types of welding: MIG, STICK and TIG. There is the right pair for each of these forms of welding. For instance, TIG welding requires that you use a goatskin-welding glove that has a Keystone thumb. This is because such a glove provides the right touch sensitivity required for TIG welding.

On the other hand, MIG welding requires a heavier glove because there is a lot of heat and sparks produced in the process. It is recommended that you use a glove that is made of a heavier cow or goatskin with a lining on it. This will prevent the heavy sparks from harming you.

STICK welding is the most extreme in terms of producing a lot of heat and sparks. This means that you need to use a heavyweight cow split leather material for your glove.

2. Where can I shop for high quality welding gloves?
Getting the right store to shop for a good pair of gloves is important. Although there are many manufacturers and distributors out there, not all can provide exceptional quality. One of the best places to check out some welding gloves is the weldingoutfitter. Here you will find a wide variety of gloves because they stock different types and sizes.

3. Will the gloves offer protection against cuts?
Having a glove that can protect against heat and sparks is one thing but having one that can also protect you from cuts is another. There is a great risk of experiencing cuts when you are dealing with metals. You need to have gloves that can protect you when handling sharp and rough pieces of metal during welding.

4. How durable and effective is the glove?
Durability is an essential factor when selecting a glove. You do not want to purchase new pairs every now and then due to quick wear and tear. Some of the best materials to choose is the goat grain gloves because they can withstand MIG and TIG welding while still offering great touch sensitivity. Select the most durable leather because this will help you save on the cost of buying new gloves more frequently.

5. How comfortable is the thumb style?
There are different thumb styles to meet the comfort of every person. It is good to try out different thumb styles to be sure which one best suits you. For instance, you can choose the keystone or wind thumb if you are looking for something that has a good shape and comfortable.

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