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5 Quick Tips to Clean Your Living Room



[Image Courtesy of Pixabay]


Apart from our bedroom, our living room is likely to be the place we spend the most time. We lounge in there, watch TV, socialise and even eat in there. It’s no wonder then that it can sometimes look a little tired and grubby.


Few people enjoy cleaning. But if left, our home can become dirty and uninviting. The following quick steps will have your living room sparkling in no time at all.




Cleaning is a much simpler task if we don’t have to tidy everything away first. Advance preparation is useful here.  If you use something, then put it away. Don’t leave dirty dishes sitting around on tables and floors. Take them straight to the kitchen when you have finished with them.


However, let’s assume that you haven’t kept on top of things. A great tip for a quick tidy up is to use baskets. Invest in a few basket or storage bins for each room. You can go around the room picking up items that shouldn’t be there and put them in the basket. This will allow you to clear the area in a short space of time. It’s also handy if a visitor phones to say they’re on their way. The horror! Have a quick tidy round and then stash the basket in a cupboard or bedroom until they have left. These speed cleaning tips will come in handy for dealing with the impromptu guest.


In the long term think about decluttering. The few items you have, the fewer you will need to tidy away.




Next up is dusting. Invest in a good quality duster that can be washed and used again. Some dusters will spread dust around the room without it adhering to the cloth.


Start with higher places such as shelves first and then work your way down. If you dust in the other direction dust from above will settle again before you’ve finished.


Pick up ornaments and decorative items rather than dusting around them. This will be more effective and will avoid breakages.


When you’ve finished, walk around the room and check from different angles to makes sure you haven’t missed anything. Don’t worry about polishing wooden surfaces if you’re in a hurry. This can be done later.




If your floors haven’t been swept or hoovered, the room will immediately look untidy. Even if everywhere else is spick and span. Make sure you use the correct settings on your vacuum cleaner. Move back and forth over each area. Use all of the attachments to ensure you access all areas, including corners and hard-to-reach spaces. Check out these wear prevention tips for carpets to prolong the life of your flooring.


While the vacuum cleaner is out, go over your sofa and chairs. Take off the cushions and vacuum underneath them to remove dust and crumbs.


And there you have it. Simple and effective tips for cleaning your living area. We recommend a good deep clean every so often. This will involve cleaning windows, moving furniture and washing upholstery. But for quick cleans, the above should serve you well and make your living room a warm and inviting place.