5 Real reasons why Canadian government legalized weed



Wondering what it was that forced the Canadian Government to legalize weed? Here are some expert opinions.

We were all happy for Canada when the government announced plans to legalize cannabis back in 2017. It took a year to do it, and a further year before legalization of cannabis edibles took place, but the slow process was worth the wait. The world looked on and cheered the progress, but it hasn’t always been smooth sailing, since.

However, it is estimated that Canada makes an extra $8.6 billion per year from weed sales. With recreational and medical use now available, what are the real reasons that the Canadian government decided to legalize? If we are honest, it looks a lot like money was a driving factor.

Let’s find out.

The 5 Reasons Canada Legalized Weed

Here are some of the real reasons why Canada decided to legalize it when they did.

1 – To Stop Criminals

Criminal involvement in the world of marijuana is commonplace. By selling cheap weed Canada legally throughout the country, they were able to see a reduction in the amount of marijuana being sold on the black market.  This pushed some of the criminal element of society out of business, while it simultaneously brought the funds raised from such sales to the public dispensaries… thereby making it taxable.

2 – To Go Cashless

Eliminating some of the paper money from society has been a goal of most countries for the last few years. The intention of the digital age is to eventually be plastic only and cashless. Cashless societies mean money is not spreading germs around, and that more money can be traced, interactions and sales tracked, and that these can all be taxed. 

3 – To Save Public Health

Some cannabis that was previously available on the black market was treated with things to make it look better, but that posed a risk to public health. At one point, cannabis was being sprayed with compounds like glass, to make it glimmer, and silica, to make it appear to be rich in pollen or keef. Both of these substances put people in hospital.

The introduction of legalized weed took away the health concerns and limited toxic chemicals used to produce cannabis buds. 

4 – To Undermine Organized Crime

It’s not just your mate Dave in his bedroom dealing a bit of weed, it’s about Dave’s connections, who are growing massive amounts of cheap cannabis to make money for their drug gang. Organized criminals use alcohol, cigarettes, and weed, as ways to make money to fund other criminal activities. Evidence has even shown undocumented immigrants have been used to manage illegal grow operations, basically making them slaves to the trade.

5 – Money!

Of course, the biggest reason that any country can be convinced to legalize weed is the effect it has on the economy. When you are buying from your mate Dave in his bedroom, he isn’t declaring that money to the tax man. When you buy from a dispensary, that money is taxed and the government makes something, too. By legalizing weed, this untaxed profit was brought into line with everything else. Now everyone pays tax… including the stoners.

Where to Buy Legal Weed in Canada?

If all of this has left you with the need for weed, then consider Got Weed as one of Canada’s best dispensaries for legal marijuana. They offer exemplary service coupled with expert knowledge, all of which should be able to help you decide on the right weed strain for you.

Wherever you buy it, you won’t have to do it on the black market, and you won’t need to do it illegally. No matter what the reasoning behind it, you no longer have to break the law to do it, and that’s massive progress that the rest of the world can learn from.

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