5 Reasons to Love Candles 1

I’m a huge fan of candles, especially scented ones. They play a major role in my décor and can add to the ambiance of any room. I use them at home, work and while traveling. Candles are great for helping me relax, be calm and enjoy the present moment. They’re perfect for rejuvenation and for winding down in the evening. Candles have evolved over time, once used as a source of light they are now used more in a decorative manner but have many other different uses and benefits.

Here are 5 reasons to love candles:

5 Reasons to Love Candles 2


The flickering light of a candle produces a lovely ambiance. They can create a warm and cozy intimate space whether in your room or in the bath. For an instant peaceful vibe, light a bunch of candles at the same time to create a soft and glowing atmosphere. Candles are good for your health and well-being too — known for their soothing and healing properties which is why you will find them in many massage and therapy rooms. On your next stressful day, burn some candles, take some deeps breathes, meditate or pray. I promise it will make a big difference in your thinking and help ease the mind.A good substitute for candles are this wax melts.


If the candles are scented, even better. Aromatherapy candles may help you relax, keep you calm, and may sometimes energize you and aid in productivity. Some of my fragrant favorites are from Feya Candles. Feya Candles is a socially conscious candle line that produce 100% soy candles that are non-toxic and burn clean for over 50 hours. They offer 12 regular scents and 5 additional scents in their Wanderlust line. Every candle they sell goes towards buying a meal for someone in need. Scented candles are also the perfect way to subtly add a hint of fragrance to your space while covering up unwelcome odors.


I just realized that candles are present at most celebrations we attend. They are a great way to mark a significant event such as birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, and more. Light up a delicious birthday cake or keep the spark alive with a romantic candlelit dinner this Valentine’s Day. I always keep a pack around the house because you will end up needing them more than you think. Feya Candles make great gifts too, for you or someone else as they are beautifully packaged and handcrafted.

5 Reasons to Love Candles 1

Retail Price: $17

Feya Candles can be found in JC Penney, Macy’s, Kirklands, and on their website and various boutiques around the US.


Stylish candles are one of the best ways to add the finishing touch to any room in your home. They come in a variety of colors and sizes to help convey the design choice of any space. Try a bright and bold color to make an impact or a soft and subtle option to evoke serenity. Personally, I love candles in the bathroom because they will turn it into a spa-like retreat. Candles placed throughout the living room will produce a hygge-type mood. The dining room table is another popular way to use candles, normally placed in the center. Outdoor patios, gardens, decks, and porches are an example of where you can use candles outside. Create a whimsical escape or burn a citronella candle to keep bugs away.


Take your candles with you when you travel. Everything you use them for at home can benefit you on the road. Feya Candles are packable and ready to turn interior and exterior spaces around the globe into personal sanctuaries. The candles even come with a little matchbox for convenience. Never lose the feeling of home when you have your favorite candles with you.

Feya Candle's Global Giving

Feya Candles partners with organizations working to improve communities around the world. They’ve worked with organizations like: Jacob’s Well – Haiti, Haiti Children’s Hope, and a community organization in Chontales, Nicaragua. When Feya gives food, they fund the purchasing of meals in the villages they serve boosting the local economy.

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