It isn’t necessary for everything to always end up right in your life. Afterall, you cannot appreciate a successful moment if you haven’t faced failure. Similarly, mostly women, don’t understand the value of a relationship until you are a part of one or grow from a bad experience. But then again, when a relationship crumbles, it isn’t because of lady stepping out of line or doing something wrong, at times, it’s just that the man loses interest.

For example, one of my friend’s boyfriend left her without stating any clear reason. Later she found out that he was taking ayurvedic medicine for premature ejaculation but his confidence was totally lost and that’s when he lost interest.

So you must know that life is a series of dynamic events and a lady shouldn’t blame herself if a man loses interest in the relationship and ends things. More often than not, it is because of his own reasons that he does so –

1) An inner battle of his own

It has been said for ages, ‘Men can’t cry’, which is absolutely incorrect and sexist. Your man might be facing his own inner demons, fighting some battles alone and carrying a lot of emotional baggage. It isn’t always possible or right to share with your counterpart and then they lose interest just because they have all these grievances dragging them down.

Infact, it also happens because a good man would never want to burden anyone else with his troubles. Don’t think that it is your fault because he said ‘it's over’ and does not want to talk it out because, at the end of the day, some battles have to be fought alone.

2) A three-sixty-degree turn

Every human being has some major life events which are referred to as the turning point of their lives. It is very possible your partner might face one such juncture in life where he sees the need to prioritize his job or his hobbies or his family over the relationship.

It doesn’t mean you have changed or he has changed, it just means that his life has changed drastically and somehow, in his mind, a relationship doesn’t fit in his new journey. It is especially in such cases, the control is never in the hands of the couple and one can never predict what can happen next.

3) The existence of someone else

We know this might hurt a little, but it is possible that he has found someone else and likes to spend time with her more than you. This, by no means hints that you didn’t love him enough or value him enough, it just means that you both weren’t meant to be.

Infact, it is better that a man steps up, confesses and ends the connection as a lady deserves that much respect. Never blame yourself or diminish your self-confidence, there is a better man out there for you.

4) Simply put, a horrible person

You might really like a man, dream about marrying him and think about him all day, but when he is a bad guy, there is nothing you can do. When a guy fails to be a man, runs away at the first fight, fears commitment or is a control freak, he’ll simply end the relationship as soon as he finds himself losing his hold on you. They’ll blame you all the time, end the relationship by calling you out while at the end, it’s their sexist and shallow attitude that caused it. Trust me, you are better off without such a guy in your life.

5) A chaser first

There are men in this world who pursue a woman, find ways to woo her but then chicken out of the actual relationship once she says yes. These types of men are turned on by the chase behind a woman but lose interest after they actually convince her. In these cases, it isn’t your fault for enjoying the attention and being convinced, men like these would just do just the same to every woman out there.

Don’t overthink it too much or blame yourself when your present becomes your ex. Have faith in the sanctity of love, wait for your right man and never lose out on your self-respect. A relationship isn’t just about two people in love, it is about life, timing, and faith. Sometimes, many factors don’t work out in your favour even if the love was there, you just have to accept it and move on.

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