5 Reasons Why Traveling as a Tourist to a Developing Country Is a Life-Changing Experience

Such were the words of famed Danish author Karen Blixen, after living a life filled with ups and downs and finding her peace in British East Africa – Kenya today. Nobody would have imagined a baroness settling down on a plantation in a sleepy African country a quarter-way around the earth, not less an upper-class heiress. 

Paris, London, Sidney, Tokyo, The Maldives…these are just some of the places that dot the bucket lists of the most current and aspiring leisure travelers. You won’t hear of the many treasures found in Lake Victoria, the culture in Nigeria, the jewel called Zanzibar, the etherealness of the Mongolian plains, or magical Uzbekistan. 

The culture, the magic of the people who find success in the face of much diversity, and a youthful population that is ever smiling are some reasons why you should take this tour. Before you do that, you will need to free up some time on your busy schedule. 

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Here’s a couple of more reasons why you should visit a developing country.

  1. The Systems Will Teach You a Lot of Patience

Don’t be fooled once you get to the point of entry, and you feel like pulling your hair out because of the slack and incompetence of local port officials. The time wasted will be worth it at the end of the experience. The culture in most of these countries is, in many cases, of local officials and government employees trying to get their fingers greased. Don’t be fooled into trying to expedite any such processes unless you want to fall victim to a con. 

Take such ‘waiting’ experiences in stride, and you will experience a whole new appreciation for patience. 

   2. The People Will Soften Your Heart 

What’s that about wanting to keep up with the Jones’ in a society that has glorified burning ourselves out and our bridges as well to catch success? It all appears as a futile effort even after all the millions made. In developing countries, you’ll likely find in many places of low income and marginalization that despite the negative reports, the smiles far exceed the tears. 

In the most far-flung of places, families still give thanks for their meals and take time to appreciate and care for nature. Respect for both nature and man is still held as sacred, and when you find good, it does search your heart as well.

   3. An Unrivaled Kind of Beauty 

Part of the reason Western society is seen as so advanced and attractive is because of the marvel of architecture, engineering, urban planning, and efficiency of public systems. Those places do take one’s breath away as the genius of the human mind is comprehended. However, this isn’t a timeless kind of beauty that will never fade away. 

Nothing compares to seeing how the world and nature was, and how it has stood the test of time. Some of the most far-flung places on earth also hold their most beautiful secrets and the answers to life’s most intriguing questions. 

  4. The Culture Will Get into Your Bones

Have you ever experienced true culture? Not the kind of culture that stems from “woke-ness” or the media. A culture that has made its journey through history and simplifies the mysteries of the past. Some of these cultures make an eternal impact on one’s soul. It is about the expressiveness and openness of the people, their love for community and the common good, and their togetherness in times of strife or adversity. 

This isn’t to suggest that these places are squeaky and clean. There is a negative dimension to that culture, with archaic such as FGM and child marriages still common practice in some areas. You can do your part in changing such mindsets by visiting these areas and enlightening the communities therein. 

  5. There Is a Peace to It

You might travel to some developed country and end up spending what seems like a lifetime. Your mind will ease, and the pressure will slowly dissipate if you stay long enough. 

Time to Get Your Visa 

Thankfully, some of these countries have relaxed most of their rules on travel, thus giving you a great opportunity to make your transit. Now is the best time to start making travel plans. 

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