Everyone should have an outdoor hobby. Absolutely everyone. There are too many benefits associated with the multiple kinds of outdoor activities there are, for anyone to pass them up. People of all ages can participate in a wide variety of outdoor hobbies, and there’s enough variety out there to meet a wide range of individual interests. 

Physical activity 

There’s not much else that gives you as big of an endorphin rush as physical activity does. Even the most leisure based outdoor hobby’s generally involved some form of physical activity. Hiking and hunting are both awesome ways to be involved in moderate to strenuous activity, and it’s a great way to be healthy for people of any age. Vitamin D is especially beneficial to maintain optimal bone health in the elderly, so a low-impact hike could be in the cards for older adults. 


More and more jobs involve more sedentary work methods than working in an office desk. I am sure you have heard the phrase that “sitting is the new smoking” and this is based in factual evidence. If you are looking to improve your heart and lung health, an outdoor hobby can make these improvements massively. If you have kids at home, you probably want to instill healthy habits in them as well, and this is a great way of doing that. 


When you’re dealing with the stresses of work, and bills, sometimes you just need some time to get away. If you are feeling over encumbered with responsibility, get outside and enjoy an outdoor hobby. Pastimes like fishing are exceptionally good for getting some downtime to relax. If you’re not into traditional fishing you could always look into other forms of fishing like catching crabs. According to https://www.fishingskillz.com/ there’s many affordable options when it comes to crab trapping paraphernalia. If you’re just beginning an outdoor hobby you do not want to be investing a ton of money before you even get started. 

Improves mental health 

Having an outdoor hobby can improve your mental health and not just your physical health. For one, engaging in physical activity can release endorphins and improve dopamine levels the “feel happy” chemical in your brain. It may also ease anxiety and help improve depression because you’re outdoors and getting vitamin D.


It doesn’t take very much time outside to reap the benefits of being outdoors on your mental health. People who participated in a 20 minute walk everyday reported lower symptoms of anxiety and depression. If you’re absolutely in love with your outdoor hobby you’ll be able to get this amount of active time in no problem. For teenagers, it can also enable them to develop healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with emotional conflict, and other soft skills. 


Learning something new 

You are never too old or too young to learn something new. If you don’t know anything about fishing or hunting this leaves a lot of room to educate yourself. You might even end up enjoying the learning process so much you won’t want to stop. Teaching yourself new skills is even associated with preventing cognitive deficits in the future like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. If you suffer from being chronically bored, picking up a new hobby is an awesome method of reactivating some excitement in your life and teaching yourself something new. 

Bonding with the family 

Family time has been a victim of the technological age. Many families don’t have the kind of face time that they were traditionally exposed to in the past. If you are trying to establish or establish a connection with your spouse and children, outdoor hobbies are a key component of that. Even reluctant teenagers might change their attitude after catching their first fish (it is pretty exciting). It’s always best to start having outdoor activities with children when they are young so they get used to this sort of bonding time with their parents. 


There’s no real downside to participating in outdoor recreational activities, and there are a myriad of good reasons why you should be doing them. Even if you’re on a budget, costs for hiking can be limited to little more than a pair of boots and a packed lunch. Maybe your child isn’t heavily invested in sports and you are having trouble getting them outside. They might find interest in the experiences they have and the personal reward they get connecting with nature. Just make sure you choose something that you’re interested in learning more about, and you’ll eventually understand why outdoor hobbies are so great. 


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