Gone are the days when people thought that the only place they can grow plants is in the gardens outdoors. This is not the case today. Many people continue to adopt the art of growing plants indoors. Many kinds of research have been done on the benefits of having plants indoors. None of these research findings has enumerated any negative effects of plants in our houses. The plants in your home or office are one way of bringing nature closer to you. You will agree with me that nature brings along healing and, therapy for our bodies.


These are some proven reasons why you should have some plants indoors

• Increasing humidity

As part of their normal growth, plants release vapor into the atmosphere. This moisture vapor helps to increase the levels of humidity in the room. Plants are able to release over 90% of the water they absorb. If you have several plants in a room, they will help to maintain adequate levels of humidity. This is an excellent way of dealing with respiratory distress. Cases of colds and coughs, sore throat and dry skin will be decreased.

• Purify the air

The air we breathe is filled with toxins and microorganisms that can affect our health. Several plants in a room will help change the situation. Volatile organic compounds are substances in the air that can harm us. They are present in household equipments and materials. They include benzene, Formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene. These substances are present in paints, rugs, cigarettes, inks, man-made fibers, grocery bags, etc. Plants can absorb these compounds through the roots and use them as food. You can order some indoor plants for your house by visiting greenhousestores.co.uk.

• Increasing oxygen levels

Our bodies require oxygen for metabolism, when we take in oxygen, we release back carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Plants utilize carbon dioxide for photosynthesis, and in return, they release oxygen into the atmosphere. This creates a form of symbiotic relationship. The plants in your house will assist in increasing the levels of oxygen.

• Source of fresh fruits and vegetable

You can grow organic fresh fruits and vegetables in your home. This ranges from a window garden with several plants to a rooftop garden with many plants. Plants grow in the house are an excellent source of fresh, healthy organic foods that you can use in your home. Fresh fruits and vegetables are tasty.

• Home décor

Imagine the sight of a healthy, colorful plant in your sitting room or bedroom. Indoor plants can be used as part of the interior décor in your house. Besides, they also act as elements of healing your our souls and can help boost our moods. Plants are a source of natural healing and refreshing. They can help boost our memories.  What are the best indoor plants, you can get? 


These are some of the main reasons why you should have several plants in your house. There are other benefits that I have not mentioned here. You can share your thoughts and contribution on this topic. Consider adopting some plants in your house and enjoy the benefits.


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