5 rules how to travel alone safely


Many blogs encourage other people to travel alone. They accent on the benefits that can get a person after the solo trip. For example, it is a chance to know yourself better, to become more self-confident, to broaden your mind and to overcome personal borders. Also, you can do whatever you want if you travel alone. You must not obey demands and needs of your company and get pleasure from the attractions that you are keen on. Or you can not only travel, but earn money when you are away from home. It is up to you. But the price of these advantages is a great risk. Because we live in the dangerous world where accidents are chasing for people without backup. People can dispute for the eternity about pros and cons of traveling alone, but everybody will agree that if you are alone your safety is at stake.


The most enthusiastic travelers don’t give up when they face some obstacles. In addition, they underestimate their seriousness. They ignore the facts about crimes in which lonely travelers suffered during the trips. However, if haven`t heard about accidents with tourists it doesn’t mean that they don`t exist. They actually do. There are tourists who got hurt during hitchhiking. There are people who became a victim of pickpockets at the railway station or in the airport. And if the group of people can suffer from one thief, the level of danger that lays upon a single person is terrific.


So, if you still want to leave comfort zone for impressions and adventures you must be aware of rules about safe solo traveling. In lonely traveling, you are only responsible for your life.


 1. Manage documents

When you travel with a partner he can carry some stuff for you. Do you need to tie shoelaces but you don`t know where to put your phone? A friend will take your phone and it won`t drop from your pocket. Do you want to find an umbrella when the rain suddenly started but your bag is too heavy to do it on your own? With the support of a partner, you can find it much faster.


But when you are alone it is too unsafe to let some strangers carry your possessions for you. Remember that if someone will steal your bag, you can lose the most precious things, your documents. Without them, you won’t be able to continue the trip to the destined places and to come back home (if you have traveled abroad). To protect your valuable papers you can manage to such actions:

make copies of every document and put it in each bag that you carry;

carry original documents only in the belt bag;

scan documents and download scans on your smartphone and on the dropbox;

In such a way if you and your possessions will become victims of criminals, you have several copies to prove your identity and continue traveling. Also, in case you damage your valuable papers by your own (pour coffee or drop it accidentally) you will be saved from your clumsiness.


2. Get in touch with nearest and dearest

Some solo tourists start their lonely trip because they want to escape from his common surroundings. The are so sick and tired of people`s attention that they avoid any contact with them during the journey. Well, their position to have more private space is clear. But it is not. When you live alone at alien lands you mean nothing to strangers. But relatives and close people think of you every minute and for you to be safe. Do not neglect this care and notify family and friends about your state.


Of course, it puts a person into some limits because he will have to spend some for getting in touch with his home than exploring new lands. But nowadays there are apps that simply and rapid this process. To mail certain people about your safety download bSafe. It is available both for iOS and Android. Just add your trip contacts who you want to inform about your destination. It has an SOS button that will set off an alert to your contacts, with your GPS location. Once you’ve registered with bSafe, the app asks you to select people from your contacts list. You’ll need to save at least one contact that can be reached via telephone; other contacts can be accessible via text message or a combination of the two.


In such a way you will have a backup in case of emergency situations and people who are close to you will be informed about your destination. It is a double kill.


3. Stay sober


For the majority of tourists, a vacation without alcoholic adventures equals to wasted time and money. It goes without saying that it is hard to imagine a party nowadays without a beer at least. During the traveling, you can come across any opportunities to have a drink. Maybe your random transport companion will regale you with a glass of wine or maybe you will feel an immense itchy for beer. But the temptation to drink will visit you and you will have to resist.


Why resist? Safe solo traveling requires a certain amount of awareness and confidence. Any alcoholic beverage relaxes a person and makes him more vulnerable in several aspects. For some people, it is dysfunction of coordination. Other, after few drinks become more talkative and can reveal many odd secrets to the strangers. There are also people that under the impact of alcoholic kind of mood become more spontaneous and light of foot. In their heads appear thoughts like “Hmm, it is such a good idea to go swimming with those strangers at night”, or, they can invite those strangers to the hotel room. There are hundreds of examples when people in which we put our trust betrayed us. And the truth is that feeling of trust caused by alcohol is fake.


Another reason to avoid accepting drinks from strangers during the trip is that they can put some dangerous liquids in it. And instead of feeling a little tipsy you can faint and get hurt.


So, if your behavior after alcoholic drinks has a tendency to change like in the examples above, avoid drinking during your trip. It is a little sacrifice for the sake of your safety. Moreover, there are hundreds of tasty alcohol-free cocktails that can raise your mood and impress with delicious tastes.


4. Keep to open and public places


One of the reasons for people to travel solo is to meet new people. There are many possibilities and places where you can meet them. Usually, people get acquainted in public places like transport or restaurants. If you have met somebody and arranged the second meeting with him, do it not in deserted places. This person is a stranger and if something goes wrong nobody will hear you “HELP” or “SOS” scream from the forest’s deep or from the roof of the high rise. Even if these people offer you something not susceptive, like to help writing college papers, do not trust them 100%. Remember “Little Red Riding Hood Fairytale”. Under the image of fragile and harmless granny can hide a starving predator.


I understand that It is not easy to detect if this new person is going to hurt you or not. But one in the field but is the one without a shield. Insist on meetings with recently met people in spots where high masses of people are concentrated. Cafes, parks, cinemas, beaches are perfect for it. In more and more cities in such places are situated hidden cameras. So, in a case of emergency, not only passer-bys but also security agencies can watch our back.


Moreover, do not risk to have lonely walks in the nighttime. The potential danger can hide in the bushes or even behind the corner of the street next to your hostel.


5. Lie sometimes

In the alien lands, you are a stranger. Nobody will put you on the lie detector to test are you completely honest or not. No, I do not offer you to lie say false information about yourself during conversations. I just want to note that you can embellish the truth a little bit for the safety purposes.


For example, you are asking a way from passer-by: “Can you direct me to the beach, I am meeting a friend / brother / boyfriend there”. Do not let anyone know that you are alone. Create an image of a person that has a back-up. Unfortunately, in every city, there are criminals who follow lonely travelers as a hunter follows his catch.


There is one important moment about such lies. Your lie must cause trust. It requires creativity and wittiness sometimes. I suggest you to practice making up some stories about yourself not to get confused during the conversation with the stranger. It is your personal right to save your privacy. But, as every person, you can get confused under the pressure. So it will be useful if you get acquainted with some tips on how to lie.


I sincerely hope that during your solo trip you will meet only amazing people who will not make you nervous and feel helpless. In fact, the world is full of friendly and merciful people who are eager to stretch a helping hand. So, practice, but don`t overdo with these travel alone tips, Because it is good to get any experience, even the bad one.


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