Courage is what you require when working at extreme heights. To avoid accidents, you need to have safety gear. You may have worked for years, but when an accident happens, it can lead to permanent health conditions or death. Not only extreme heights but if you are four feet above the ground, you need to use safety tools like those you'll find at Lakeside-hire. Using a  ladder for industrial use can help and keep you safe from being hurt. 

Therefore, before you work at heights, you need to know the following five things that will keep you safe. Additionally, you can get training on how to work at height at Sydney Rescue Consultants.



  • Do an Inspection of Your Work Area?


You cannot report to your work station and start working instantly. First, if it is a new workplace, you must inspect every area. While checking you take note of possible risks like the height you must climb, objects that may fall, or tools that you need to perform the work effectively. Furthermore, no matter how low the height you are going to work, ensure you come or ask for safety equipment. Don’t assume any aspect of your area of work as it is essential in ensuring that you are safe.



  • Check Your Safety Equipment Before Commencing Work


Equipment may become faulty without your knowledge. That is not the only reason you need to check your tools before use. You need to remember that you are working at heights and safety is the crucial thing. If you are a company checking the safety tools is the main priority to safeguard the lives of your employees. You need to have a team of experts who understand how to inspect and what things must be done to faulty tools. Therefore, no matter how much work you must complete or the cost of the project. Always put your life or the lives of your employees on the frontline. Using a tri-arc as a ladder makes it more stable. 



  • Be Conversant with Safety Rules


Safety rules on working at heights are found globally. So, be it that you are operating a new region or your country of origin, you need to know that they are set rules that concern working at heights. To keep your workers or yourself safe ensure that you research the safety standards before working. That will help and make it easy when you are claiming compensation from an insurance company during an accident. Don’t work blindly always be conversant with safety rules about working at heights.



  • Standards of equipment You are Using


A high-quality fall arrest harness and standard ladder are both tools you need to use. I know you want to reduce the expense of purchasing equipment. However, do you prefer comprising your life because of saving? That is very inappropriate. Don’t dare do that because you may not be able to work for a long time.

Furthermore, you are risking the psychological mode of those who care for your workers or you. So, when ensure that what you use is when working at heights is of the right standard. Not to forget, remember that they should be comfortable for your workers to work effectively



  • Equipment Use Expertise


You may not know how to use every safety equipment. With such a scenario, an accident will occur. Therefore, before you work at heights, you must know how to fasten your safety gear. For companies, you need to train your workers effectively on how to use different safety gear. That will reduce the chances of an accident to occur and losing your current contract. Always be sure that all your employees know how to use the tools. With them being experts on such they will reduce the risk of an accident.


Additional Tips

Above are the five main safety tips you need to know when working at heights. They are not the only things you need to be conversant with. Other suggestions are important. So, I have added some tips just for you.


Be Cautious When You Use a Scaffold

A scaffold is an alternative of a ladder, and using it might be safer than a ladder. However, don’t take it lightly. It is a safety tool, and you need to know how to use it. When it is not fitted correctly, it might cause an unfortunate accident. So, before working with a scaffold, be sure it is safe for use. Additionally, calculate the maximum load that you will use during work. With that, you will be able to know how to fit and work using a scaffold.


Certified Items

Major agencies certify not all items that you buy from a safety store. Before purchasing a safety item, please ensure relevant regulatory agencies approve it. Keep in mind that safety is everyone's responsibility and that it is crucial to prioritize safety in all aspects of working at heights; if you need help developing an effective safety inspection program or want to train your staff on safety best practices, consider seeking safety consultant services.



Working at heights is not an easy fete you need to be brave, but the most important thing is safety. Therefore, before you climb that ladder, where that safety gear, or use a scaffold, please be sure they work correctly. Your security is important. Thank you.

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