Carpets of any home are bought after a lot of thinking and investing a good chunk of money. These are purchased to meet the various requirements of the owner. The requirements are determined by the area it will be used in or the amount of money a buyer is willing to spend. The requirements are also determined by the colours and types of carpet fibres a buyer expects in the product. After finally having the chosen carpet at one’s place their look and feel depends on the care and maintenance put in by the user. Care and maintenance should be done in moderation. It means going overboard with the cleaning of a carpet will only damage it.

Here is a list of activities or mistakes that should be avoided when cleaning carpets.




A user manual or a set of instructions are provided during the purchase of a carpet. This manual provides information about the type of fibre it is made of, its weight, type of colours used. The temperature at which it should be cleaned is also specified in the manual. Instructions about the kind of chemicals that should be used on the carpet are also specified. In these instructions the manufacturer makes sure to include information about chemicals a carpet is not compatible or those chemicals that could permanently damage it. It is a blunder not to take note of this information when cleaning a carpet.




Letting a stain to become stubborn and permanent when it could have been dealt with immediately makes your carpet look old. Any stain that could have been treated immediately allowed to settle and become permanent is a big cleaning mistake. There are chances that the stains do not get the attention of the owner immediately, making it imperative for the owner to check the carpets regularly. 




Cleaning a carpet does not mean scrubbing the carpets real hard. It does more harm to it than any good. A scrubbing action not only damages the fibre and the colour of a carpet but also deepens the stain. Specialized machines like steam cleaners are available in the market to help deep clean the carpets without doing any damage to them. These machines work nicely in conjunction with cleaning chemicals that are compatible with the carpets.




Using a lot of water is a mistake in more than one way. Firstly wastage of water and secondly providing a safe haven for mold and mildew to grow around the carpet area. This could easily be avoided by using carpet cleaning machines that use very little water in combination with carpet cleaning chemicals. 




Carpet cleaning is not your everyday cleaning where you can use just about anything on them. Wrong use of chemicals can damage a carpet fibre or colour permanently. Therefore always test new cleaning products on some extra piece that was cut left during installation or a corner of the carpet. This would avert a major damage to the carpet, if the cleaning chemical is too harsh for it. There are so many specialised cleaning products in the market that are not only meant for cleaning but also protecting the carpets. Disinfectant chemicals have also been introduced in the market that are quite useful for disinfecting purposes.  


Cleaning carpets is way more different than your normal cleaning. Carpets being expensive shouldn’t be experimented with. A guided cleaning process should be followed to avoid permanent damages to something as expensive as a carpet.

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