A good relationship involves more than mere attraction. There are lots of factors to be taken into account to have a healthy relationship with your partner:


  1. You trust your partner

Trust is the key for a healthy relationship, if mutual trust exists freedom will easily come along, opening up the path for individual growth and emotional safety. Trust allows you to speak your mind, admit your mistakes and apologize to each other without feeling weak. People build trust when they respect others and are honest with them. Without respecting, a relationship can be hurtful, no respect in a relationship can destroy our self-esteem.

  1. You always get a good night´s sleep

Right sleep has various health benefits. It helps the body to repair itself, improves your memory and reduces the risk of depression. Sleeping well boosts your immune system so you are less likely to catch diseases. Those who are sleep-deprived gain weight more easily because sleepiness leads to hunger. If you sleep well you wake up feeling energetic and refreshed the next day. Sleep experts have mentioned a detailed guide on getting a better sleep.


  1. You sleep well together

But when it comes to sharing your bed things are not so easy. Lack of right sleep intensifies conflict among couples. Getting right sleep at night is critical to your overall health. If you consider you spend a third of your life in bed, buying the best mattress is a good investment. The best mattress is the one which can deliver full body support and is neither too firm nor too soft. New smart mattresses do not develop grooves and adjust to different weight. The best mattress should have the proper size to ensure space for the couple. If either spouse is allergic a latex one will be the appropriate choice.

  1. Good couple sleeping positions

There are various sleeping positions for couples. So adopt the position which enables both of you to rest well. Cuddling is usually the favorite, but not always the best, at least not on a hot sweaty summer’s night. Sleeping on one’s side and holding hands is really nice as long as your partner keeps to his side and does not invade yours. You can sleep hand-to-hand, sometimes a touch is all we need. Cheek-to-cheek sleeping position can be pleasantly warm if your backs are in contact. Sleeping in fetal position is ideal for pregnant women and for snorers as well.

  1. You are generous with your affection

The more you know about yourself and your needs the better to find the right partner for you.   If touch is your love language, you require having somebody close to you. Couples in thriving relationships share their emotions. Physical affection has an active role in supporting a couple´s health. Pats on the back, holding hands, kissing, hugging and cuddling make spouses happier and more satisfied.


If you can create and maintain a healthy relationship you are likely to lead a happy fulfilling life.









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