5 Skincare Secrets That Dermatologists Swear By



Scrolling down the social media platform and seeing how gorgeous these social media influencers are. It is easy to assume that getting skin like them needs overhauling your entire life and emptying your bank account balance.

But, in reality, it doesn’t have to be this big or challenging. Experts state that if you can maintain some old good skincare habits, it is more than enough to have healthy-looking skin.

The first step, though, is nailing your skincare basics.

  • Washing your face.
  • Using moisturizer.
  • Using sunscreen.

Once you are spot on with the basics, from there, you need to find the right dermatologic products and routine that compliments your skin type.

Skin Care is important. But, unfortunately, most people are not aware of proper skincare tips and methods. So, we reached out to a few experts to get their quotes on their top tips for healthier skin.

Top Skincare Secrets From Dermatologist

In the search for skincare tips, you might have come across several articles suggesting different skincare tips. Some might have worked for you, while others won’t. This is because not just your skincare routine but other factors play a significant role while maintaining healthy skin.

Here are some of the top secrets straight out of the expert’s boxes.

1. Wear Sunscreen

No matter what skincare routine or regime you are following, sunscreen remains in contact. It is the most basic yet effective way to ensure your skin remains away from harm's way. Using sunscreen on a regular basis protects you from any skin cancer.

Although you can use whatever sunscreen type you want for your skin, experts recommend using mineral sunscreen.

2. Follow An Exfoliation Routine

Exfoliation is an important part of keeping your skin healthy. It ensures that all the dead skin cells are removed from the surface. There are two different methods: physical and chemical, for the exfoliation. However, most dermatologists prefer chemical exfoliators.

However, exfoliation is not for sensitive skin. In fact, even normal skin can move forward with the exfoliation only after a dermatologist prescription.

3. Add Anti-Oxidant To Your Skincare Regime

If you are wondering what an antioxidant is in a beauty product. Here is a quick explainer for you.

Sun exposure leads to the creation of free radicals. This causes oxidant stress on your skin and damages it. So, using antioxidants in skincare products ensures that the oxidants get neutralized.

One of the most common antioxidants you will find in your skincare product is Vitamin C & E. they nourish your skin and offer a moisturizing effect.

4. Add Vitamin A & C To Your Routine

Just like you need vitamins to stay healthy, your skin needs them as well. Using products that are rich in Vitamin A gives a brightening look to the skin. On the other hand, using products rich in Vitamin C nourishes your skin.

However, before you start using these products, ensure that your skin condition allows you to do so as sensitive skin might experience irritation.

5. Never Touch Your Face

Restrict yourself from touching your face. This becomes more important when you have sensitive skin. Regularly touching your face exposes your skin to different types of danger.

For instance, you use your hand on different thighs and do not wash your hand. So, you may never know what bacteria infection you have on your hand. However, touching your face in that condition might transport the bacteria onto the face.

Pay Attention To Your Skin Need!

Above all, remember that what works for someone else might not work for you. Your daily skincare needs are different from others, so you must take care of them accordingly.

For instance, if you have sensitive skin or skin that tends to dry easily, you must moisturize your skin and hold back on exfoliation to reduce the damage to the skin.

Furthermore, knowing your skin types can help you choose the right products to maximize your skin health.

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