5 Spontaneous Day Trips You Can Take From Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a beautiful city with many attractions and historical landmarks, such as the Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. But another great thing about this city is that it's close to some amazing getaways. Some of them are between 1 to 3 hours away, depending on whether you take a flight or a road trip. Here are a few spontaneous day trips you can take from Philadelphia.

Visit Museums in Washington, DC

Take a trip to Washington, DC, and explore this town's many political and historical buildings. If you're a history lover, ensure you have added the Smithsonian Institution to your list. To fully explore what Washington DC offers, you'll want to take a flight instead of a road trip to save time. Even better, take a late flight the day before, sleep in the city and wake up early to explore the multiple museums. Drive your car and park it near PHL and take your flight. More on overnight parking near PHL can be learned here to give you confidence your vehicle will be safe when you get back from your trip.

Explore Cape May in New Jersey

Are you looking forward to spending your day by the sea? Visit Cape May. It's about two hours away from Philadelphia. Get to explore beautiful beaches, an amazing atmosphere, and wonderful cuisine. The seafood is a must-try. If relaxing at the beaches is not your kind of thing, there are hiking trails and birdwatching tours to keep you busy. Don't forget to climb the Cape May Lighthouse for an unparalleled view.  

Take a Day Tour in New York City

There are many activities you can do in New York. Go to the Empire State Building for a grand view of the city, take a walk in Central Park, or watch a show on Broadway. If you plan your day well, you can squeeze in as many activities as possible into your day trip. And the good thing is that some of the best activities to do in NYC are free. It's best to explore the city through public transportation as driving and finding parking can be a hassle, especially if you are visiting the city for the first time.

Lancaster County in Pennsylvania

Are you looking for a place to slow down? Take a day trip to Lancaster County. The warm weather is great for ziplining, hiking, and biking activities. You will also want to check the covered bridges, popularly known as the covered bridges. Lancaster County is about 75 minutes away from Philly, giving you plenty of time to explore the place.

Baltimore in Maryland

There is a reason Baltimore is referred to as the City of Firsts. The Methodist Church in America was first formed here, and the first ever locomotive debuted here. If you love history, check out Fort McHenry Historic Shrine, and if you want to explore observatories, planetariums, and aquariums, visit the Inner Harbor.

These are some of the places you can visit for a day trip. Whether you're looking for a family-friendly location, a romantic getaway, or just taking a solo trip, these locations are sure to make your day interesting.

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