5 Sports You Can Try Anywhere

Getting fit is certainly a challenge, but this is especially true when you don’t have any local sports clubs or facilities. Or, you may find that the sports on offer at your local facilities just don’t appeal to you. Luckily, however, there are many sports that you can try out anywhere you’d like – within reason, of course! So, if you’d like to play sports in your garden or at a local park, here are five different activities you could try.




Volleyball can be played on indoor courts, but there are also other options you can try. In fact, this sport is incredibly versatile because it can be played indoors, outdoors or at the beach – just remember that beach volleyball has slightly different rules compared to regular volleyball. 


To set up your own volleyball game, you’ll just need a few pieces of equipment and you’ll be ready to go. Of course, a ball and a net are absolutely essential, and you can easily carry around your own ball and portable volleyball net. Just set up your portable net in a good location, gather two teams of players, and get started!




Like volleyball, football is another sport that just requires two teams of players, nets and a ball. However, if you’re struggling to find proper goals for your football game, you could even just mark out where the posts should be with any item you have with you. This won’t be perfect, but it’ll allow you to have an enjoyable, relaxed game of football.




If you have a portable net, then you could also play tennis. With this sport, you may need to be a bit more prepared as you’ll also need both a ball and some rackets, but once you’ve got everything you need, it’s extremely easy to start playing a casual game of tennis. To help you see when the ball is out, you can roughly mark out the boundary of your makeshift court with any other items you have with you.




Perhaps the easiest sport to try out anywhere is running. With running, you won’t need anything except some good shoes and a water bottle to keep you hydrated, so you can truly try out this activity anywhere you’d like. Running is definitely more solitary, but if you crave company or competition, you could invite some friends to join you and perhaps compete.




If you want to try something a bit different, then inline skating could be a good choice for you. All you’ll need is some skates and protective gear and you’ll be ready to skate anywhere you’d like, but maybe not in busy streets and shopping malls! In addition to being a lot of fun, skating is a great form of aerobic exercise, so you’ll be looking after your health, too.


You may not always have access to facilities for the sports you’re interested in, but this won’t necessarily stop you from trying out these activities elsewhere. By getting creative with your equipment and finding good spaces outdoors, you can enjoy a wide range of different sports.


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