5 Style Tips To Steal The Show On The Golf Course



Golf is a sport of the elite, and players go the extra mile to look their fashionable best for every game. When you step into the club, you will probably see impressive people around. It is easy to feel underdressed when you have a bunch of stylish-looking co-players to compete with. Why not get some style tips before stepping on the greens? Thankfully, stealing the show on the golf course is easier than you imagine. You need not even spend a fortune on your weekend wardrobe to ace the look. Just follow these tips, and you are good to go.

Prioritize comfort

Whether it is golf or any other sport, comfort should be your top priority when it comes to dressing. You will probably spend hours on the greens, so make sure that your clothing fits well. A size too big can hamper your shots, while tight clothes can make you uneasy. Stick to perfect fits and easy fabrics that glide on your form. Also, be weather-ready because you will not want to sweat out or shiver just because you don’t have the right clothes.

Stick with classy styles

Golf dressing requires you to follow etiquette. It is all about dressing classy and avoiding attention for the wrong reasons. Steer clear of loud colors and bold patterns. Even if you want to dress bright, combine a colorful tee with white or earthy tones in bottom wear. Khaki shades are ideal for trousers because they seldom appear dirty even after a long day on the course. Avoid denim on the greens.

Go the extra mile with accessories

Think beyond golf dressing and go the extra mile with accessories too. Basic shades make the best option for footwear. Avoid big buckles for your belt if you want to nail a classy look. You can add a golf valuables pouch to your accessories checklist this season. You can have all the stuff in the pouch and free your pockets from the extra load of pencils, ball markers, and even an extra t-shirt. Add a golf bag and a matching cap and complete the look.

Layer judiciously

If you are an avid golfer, you will have to stay well-dressed throughout the year. As winter approaches, extra layers become a necessity to keep warm from morning to evening. But you will have to shed them in the afternoon when it gets sunny. Try to be judicious with layering and choose compatible fabrics. If the layers do not blend, you will feel sticky and uncomfortable. Natural yarns like merino are the best for outer layering.

Create an ensemble

The final piece of advice for golfers who want to look good for every game is to get creative with their ensemble. Start with a capsule wardrobe that has you covered for your weekend sprees without toppling your budget. Learn the art of mix and match with tops and bottoms, and let the accessories do the rest. You will have to take an experimental approach, but it is easy to master the skill with some hit and trial. 

Besides following these tips, you must follow your instincts. Opt for styles that look and feel good according to your taste and personality. Alternatively, you can emulate a celebrity for an extra dose of inspiration.

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