Summer is here, and that means that you should already be making the most of it. It already feels like summer is too short, so you need to make the most of what’s left of it. And as well as knowing what to do, it’s just as important to know what not to do with your summer days. Here are 5 things that no one should be spending their time doing this summer.


  1. Betray Your Plans


Summer often starts with a big list of plans that you want to get done by the time the season ends. But many people simply let those plans slowly slide away, and they end up doing very little. If you ask me, this is a betrayal of your plans, and it’s only you who misses out. So, make sure that you don’t betray your plans or find other more boring or sensible things to do instead. If there are things you really want to do, make sure you do them.

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  1. Stare at Your Phone


This is the modern curse that just won’t go away. But it’s something that you should really try to pay more attention to because it’s easy to spend half the day staring at your phone without even realising what you’re doing. And if you have a family, you should definitely not allow your children to spend the entire summer staring at screens. Summer is about the outdoors and nature and all the fun that can be had in it.


  1. Clean the House


Cleaning the house is a task that no one enjoys, no matter what time of the year it is. But it’s also true that cleaning becomes even more strenuous and frustrating when you have to do it during summer. The heat makes it worse, and it means that you will be spending time on this rather than things that you would rather be doing. Use a company’s home cleaning services instead. This frees you up to do other things that really matter and that can be enjoyed fully.


  1. Waste a Day at Home


The more time you spend at home, the less time you spend enjoying summer. Make the most of the weather and the time you have. Get out there, see new places and do new things this summer. Why not? What have you got to lose? Having adventures and doing things you wouldn’t ordinarily do are things that summer is made for. If you’re not going to get out there and do things now, then when? That’s what you should be asking yourself.

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  1. Slave Over the Oven


Cooking is another chore that is worse during summer. But that’s not true of all cooking. What you should try to avoid doing is slaving over the hot oven on a hot day. There is nothing worse than that. Instead, focus on outdoor cooking or alfresco cooking. Both of these things are perfect for summer, and they mean that you won’t have to stand over the oven when you are already hot and exhausted.

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