5 Things to Remember When Moving to Utah

Moving to Utah is a big step and may be a huge change in pace especially if you are making your move from a state such as California or Florida. 

That said, you are probably concerned most with the conditions of your new property and in general, the value of Utah real estate. Your move should be somewhat easier if you know what you are walking into so expect the following in Utah.

1. Real estate prices are on the rise

While Utah has always been fairly sleepy in the past, recent decades have seen a rise in population numbers and a corresponding demand for housing has grown. There are now so many Utah home builders that are expanding the area.

Property values are on the rise in Utah which makes it a great place to own a property or two. 

Pandemic dynamics created a shift in the way people view property with many younger buyers finding that they do not need to cram themselves into the abhorrent tiny spaces in the cities.

While real estate prices are yet to equal those of larger economic zones, they are definitely rising fast.

2. Moving to a bigger house 

If you are moving to Utah, you are likely moving into a bigger house and a bigger property altogether. These are the properties that have the best value for money.

Moving into a new house comes with challenges and benefits but you are in luck with online sources for tips and advice about moving into your new home

Utah is famous for expansive spaces and distance between communities and this may take some getting used to but the state is not at all boring anymore.

3. Cost of living is lower than in most other states

Utah has all the amenities and advantages that all other states enjoy but the population is much smaller which allows all of its people access to good education, quality healthcare, excellent housing and other perks at a lower cost in general.

4. High living standards

Utah’s working population is well educated and well remunerated. This means that living standards are high. Public resources are under no strain which also improves quality of life even though the cost is lower.

Utah is a state currently on the cusp with more people realizing the value of low population states in an economy that is increasingly accommodating the ‘gig’ business culture. 

More people are set to buy properties in Utah and settle in the previously slow growing state.

5. Lower crime rate 

Crime rates inevitably increase in crowded populations which is not a problem in Utah. Utah is famous for its strong religious leanings with over 70%of the population identifying as staunch Mormons.

State and church are difficult to separate here and Utah ranks top three in donated income quotient, volunteer numbers and charity contributions nationally.


Moving to Utah is an interesting experience but a worthy step to take considering the predictions that have been made for the state. An increased quality of living is top on the list of reasons to make an investment in Utah not to mention the growing real estate values.

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