5 Things You Should Do To Ensure Your Child Is Ready For Primary School

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Raising children is a challenge although ultimately very rewarding. It can be difficult to find a balance between being their friend, offering guidance, and knowing when to discipline them. 

But, with plenty of trial and error and a little luck, your child will grow and you’ll quickly be thinking about primary school. Here are 5 things you should do to ensure your child is ready for primary school.

  1. Enroll Them In Daycare

Daycare is often seen as simply a way to keep children amused and safe while you go to work. However, reputable centres, such as this daycare Hurstville, offer much more than supervision.

They start your child on the path of education. That means they will start teaching the basics they need to know, such as the alphabet or rudimental math. This can make it easier for your child when they get to primary school.

Bering at daycare also means they learn to socialize and they become familiar with standard education procedures. This makes the transition to primary school much easier and is likely to help them be more successful in life. 

  1. Check Uniforms

Most primary schools ask the children to wear a specific uniform. It makes it easier for teachers to monitor children, gives them a sense of identity, and avoids the hassles of designer clothing.

You’ll need to check the uniform needs and order it in advance to ensure you have it ready for your child’s first day.

You should note that, while uniforms can be expensive, it is best to get the size that fits your child as opposed to one they will grow into.


  • Mark All Items


The primary school will give you a list of items that your child needs. It is a good idea to label everything with your child’s name. This ensures your child knows which items are theirs and they are much less likely to lose them. Considering the cost of school supplies, including uniforms, this is a sensible approach.  


  • Choose Meal Options


Most primary schools will offer food in school although you may be able to send your child in with a packed lunch. Check what the rules are, especially if you are opting for the packed lunch. There may be products your child is not allowed to bring in. 

Alongside this, make sure the lunchbox and drink bottle is easy to open for your child. They will be doing it by themselves!


  • Talk With your Child


Finally, before the first day of primary school arrives you need to talk to your young child. Make sure they are aware of what is about to happen and why. You should also ask if they have any queries or concerns. Knowing what they are, allows you to help ease their mind and ensure they are mentally, as well as physically, prepared for their first day. 

Don’t forget, it can be a little daunting but children generally enjoy it!


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