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5 Tips to curling your hair in 5 minutes



Are you looking for an easy way to add a bit of glamour to your look? If your answer is yes, then glossy voluminous waves will give you a facelift that you desperately need. If you always feel rushed and at the same time would love to look fabulous with sexy beach waves, these super easy tips will transform your morning routine. Try them and thank us later.

Step 1: prepare your hair
In this stage, ensure that you brush your hair nicely to get rid of knots or tangles. It is advisable to use some heat protectant product for the obvious reason that you are going to use a heat styling tool which can be very damaging to your hair. Apply a generous amount of your favorite heat protector to protect your hair from breakage, split ends, dryness or lack of luster.

Step 2: Begin from the top
This is simple just pop all your hair into a ponytail on top of your head and secure it with a holder. The pony tail doesn’t have to be perfect, also remember not to tighten the elastic band too much as this could crease your hair. Carefully work from the top going down.

Step 3: Separate your pony into different sections
With your hair tied into a high ponytail, take your heated curling iron and start off by curling different sized sections of the hair. Try not to hold the curling iron on one spot for too long just a few seconds and move it to the next section. Wrap a sizeable part of the tail around the barrel of the curling tool and start curling. And guess what it is possible to achieve those large, loose waves even when you use a small barrel curling iron. Try it and see the results for yourself.

Step 4: Release the curls
Once hair is fully curled, hold it for 10-15 seconds then slowly take the elastic band out and just release it. This can best be achieved when you face downward and let your hair towards the floor.

Step 5: Run fingers through your hair
Avoid using a comb or brush because you don’t want to straighten your waves. Toss your hair back and forth and run fingers through your hair. Don’t forget your favorite hairspray to keep your bouncy curls shining and intact throughout the day. Try as much as possible to keep your hands off your hair so as not to ruin your hairstyle.

So there you have it. Five easy steps that will transform those dull, straight locks into beautiful waves in less than five minutes! These tips will work whether you have long, short or medium-sized hair. At this juncture let me point out that using the best-heated rollers for hair is the secret behind those sexy, voluminous waves. Invest in one and give yourself a complete makeover that will give a spring to your steps as you feel more co

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