5 Tips for Hiring an HVAC Contractor

Waking up to a very cold house in the middle of winter is never a pleasant start to the day. Hiring someone to take care of your heating and cooling needs is an important part of homeownership. You are trusting them to enter your home and ensure you are getting your money's worth. The following are five tips to help you pick the best air conditioning services in Ogden, UT, or services near you, so you can be sure you have the best person to meet your needs.


Tip 1 – Referrals


When you are looking to hire someone new, it is best to start by asking friends and family for their favorite HVAC contractor. Starting from scratch is always a daunting task with the numerous businesses available. Find out who they use and why. While an opinion is just that, it is a good way to begin your hunt. Always check with the Better Business Bureau and other online review sites to see how others feel about the company There are so many to choose from like  Air Conditioning Repair Denver CO, they know how to get the job done. 


Tip 2 – Know Your Needs


It is hard to interview new contractors if you do not know what you want for your home. Start with looking at your budget to determine what you can afford. HVAC contractors will also want to know if there are any concerns you have in your home and what you currently own. This is the best time to have all your issues addressed. Consider your problem areas, such as a drafty room or not all your home cooling. When you contact the company, have your current heater or air conditioner model on hand. If you have a maintenance history on the unit, that is also helpful.


Tip 3 – Legality Checks


Before hiring any contracting company, you need to know the requirements in your area. HVAC contractors that are Energy Star qualified will meet all energy efficiency requirements set in the United States. Ask the employees for their certifications and licenses that allow them to operate in your area. Finally, all contractors should have proof of insurance on hand. Do not be afraid to ask to see what coverage they have for any damages.


Tip 4 – Everything in Writing


Before you hire someone to work on your heater or air conditioner, you want everything in writing. Estimates, proposals, and special offers should be itemized and printed for you. While this protects you from any surprise expenses, it also helps decide if their bid is the best for you. It is difficult to keep track of several proposals and compare them to others. Finally, your work order should include warranty information on everything they install.


Tip 5 – Walk with the Evaluator


All HVAC contractors need to perform a walk-through home evaluation before creating an estimate. Every home is unique with heating and cooling needs. When the contractor schedules an appointment to assess your home, make sure you are available. They will inspect your duct system, while they look for any leaks. You want a contractor who can explain what they are looking for and how your house measures up. Remember, more expensive does not always mean a better system.

This is your home and your finances, so make sure you feel comfortable with the company you hire. If something does not sound or feel right to you, it is okay to go with another company. GreenSavers is a trusted HVAC company in northeast Oregon and ready to handle any heating or cooling need you have.

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